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Top toys to train your pup


Training your pup offers loads of benefits. Not only does your pet learn how to mind manners and behave appropriately, but training also establishes a bond that is undeniable. To help reinforce the good work your pet has done while training, treat your well-mannered pooch to fun games that will keep his brain in tip-top shape. Toys that are specifically made to help teach positive behaviors help keep you happy while your pet has a ball.




Among the simplest yet highly efficient training toys is the Kong. Made from a durable rubber compound, this oddly shaped toy provides a hollow center to stuff treats in for your pooch to sniff out. Excellent for training dogs who love to chew, your pet will spend hours trying to dig out tasty treats from the Kong’s inner core instead of your shoes and couch. The Kong brand also makes a variety of unique interactive toys in various shapes and sizes, providing something for every pet.


Nina Ottoson DogBrick

Nina Ottoson Dogbrick

For advanced pups with a nose for discovery, the Nina Ottoson DogBrick allows you and your best friend to enjoy a fun puzzle game together. This toy involves a combination of tricks that help your pet’s brain muscles. By placing treats under the sliding disks, your pooch can use his nose to find the hidden snacks. To make the game more challenging, this toy has optional caps that your pet can move with his paws to uncover the treats. Due to the small moving parts, you’ll want to supervise your pet when using this toy and also be there to praise him for a job well done.


Tail Teaser by Kyjen

Tail Teaser by Kyjen

Excellent for combining training and exercise, the Tail Teaser by Kyjen is sure to keep your active pup entertained. This toy features a squeaky plush critter attached to the end of a reinforced nylon rope. Pet owners can control the direction of the toy with the use of the sturdy pole to which the nylon is attached. This allows pet owners to determine the speed and activity level best suited for their pooch. For more advanced pets, use the Tail Teaser to train your pet through agility and obstacle courses.


Tug-A-Jug by Petsafe

Tug-a-Jug by Petsafe

This training toy encourages your pet to use all senses to learn and play. Hearing, sight, smell, taste and touch are the senses piqued when playing with the Tug-A-Jug. This odd-looking toy is composed of a jar that can be filled with treats or kibble for your pooch. The enclosure holds a braided rope your pet can tug on, and when tugging and rolling the jug around, the toy will dispense the treats or kibble inside. An attached rubber ball encourages chewing and rolling.

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