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Easy, boy: How to calm your hyperactive dog


Keeping your hyperactive dog calm can be a full-time job. Often, the same solutions that work for high-energy or stressed-out humans also apply to hyperactive dogs. Take the chore out of calming your pup by trying techniques that you can both enjoy.

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Go to work

Putting your pet to work on a task not only gives your pup a daily purpose but helps him channel his energy toward a greater cause. Give your hyper pup an energy-burning job for every task. Your pooch should be given a command and obey it before gaining any reward. “Jobs” can include making him sit and stay before a meal or being in charge of a backpack or carrier during a walk or hike.


Get some exercise

Exercising your dog on a regular basis is a must for hyper dogs. Lack of exercise in high-energy pups can lead to more destructive behavior. Treat your pup and yourself to 30 minutes of daily activity twice per day. As a plus, walking, running or hiking with your pooch will help you get your daily workout while keeping his energy levels at bay. Not enough time to work out? Make daily workouts a part of your agenda: Write it in ink, add it to your calendar and carve out the time for it. Your furry pal will thank you for it, and your active lifestyle will help you reap the benefits of a healthy pet/owner relationship.


Listen to the sounds

In addition to work and exercise, your pooch may benefit from audio therapy. Listening to soothing music, like a slow classical piece or relaxing nature sounds, can help your pet calm down. Just as we humans can find comfort and relaxation in a song, studies show that music has the same effect on pets’ nervous and cardiovascular systems. Sites like provide you with downloadable pet-specific tunes designed to calm and soothe your anxious and/or hyper pet. Don’t forget, dogs hear at a higher frequency than humans do, so keep the music on low.


Keep your cool

Perhaps the most important thing you can do to help your hyperactive dog is to stay calm yourself. Whatever you do, don’t lose your cool. Your pet will sense the negative energy and become more frustrated with himself. Dogs are naturally intuitive and have a way of sensing emotions. When you exude positive and calming energy, your pet will feel that way as well, and will be more likely to take to your efforts and training techniques.

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