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What celebrity maternity styles reveal about who they are

Ivanka Trump: Principled and preppy mom

Ivanka Trump: Principled and preppy mom

Ivanka always looks groomed and refined and her maternity style is no different. Gone, however, are the sequin gala gowns, and instead motherhood brings out Ivanka’s true preppy essence. Her clean-cut, all-American denim jacket and wedge espadrilles reflect that she’s surprisingly conservative and old fashioned, valuing education and manners above all else.

This loose outfit clearly conveys that her ideal weekend would rather be spent in the Hamptons surrounded by family, sipping fresh lemonade (instead of sipping martinis in a bar!).

Ivanka has shunned her usual smoky-eyed makeup, favoring a more natural fresh face. This shows how pregnancy has made her feel more connected to her true self, beyond the hype and media of the life that surrounds her.

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