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What celebrity maternity styles reveal about who they are

Let’s take a peek at three pregnant celebrities to see what their maternity styles say about them.

There are few times in a woman’s life where she feels more connected to her true self, more raw and more real, than when she’s pregnant. The corsets and the cloak and mask of red carpet style often go out the window as she returns to her most comfortable, natural essence.

Halle Berry: Urban earth mother

Halle Berry: Urban earth mother

Halle Berry embraces pregnancy by shunning high fashion and returning to a far more effortless style. Halle is clearly enjoying her second pregnancy, and her clothing choices show she’s far more relaxed and at peace than she was the first time round.

The simple, skin-baring styling suggests that she’s never felt more beautiful and complete. The long, flowing shoe-string dress reflects her breezy attitude toward motherhood and her calmer approach to love and life in general.

Halle’s flat sandals reflect her desire to raise her unborn child as normally as possible. She wants her children to be grounded and secure above all else.

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