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Insider beauty secrets from spas and salons

For a few best-kept salon secrets, I sought advice from the experts at Aveda, who offer their plant-based products and ritual-based head-to-toe beauty treatments at more than 7,000 professional hair salons and spas the world over.

Woman getting salon blowout

How to get your face to glow

Years ago, I interviewed Way Bandy, at the time one of the world’s most renowned makeup artists. “To achieve a luminous complexion,” he advised, “add a drop of Visine to your foundation. It will even out and whiten the skin and also reduce redness in a blemish.”

I asked Anna Conte, Aveda Master Makeup Artist at Civello Salon & Spa in Toronto, to take us to the present. Here’s her take: “To create your own luminizer for a radiant complexion finish that will perfectly match your skin tone,” she says, “mix a tinted moisturizer with a shimmery highlight eyeshadow.” And to exfoliate your lips to get rid of dead skin without leaving them raw: “Put a small amount of lip balm on your toothbrush and give your lips a light scrub.”

How to get shinier hair

Want hair extraordinaire? Ricardo Dinis, Aveda’s Artistic Director says, “For added moisture and shine, before shampooing, massage some oil for two to five minutes into your hair, especially through the ends and scalp. It should feel quite greasy, but don’t be alarmed. Follow by lathering with a good shampoo and then condition as you normally would. This will give your hair an added boost of moisture and shine and help with dry, split ends. Doing it before you shampoo allows you to be liberal with how much oil you use.”

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How to tame flyaways and boost volume

To get rid of those unwanted flyways yet keep the volume and style, Ricardo recommends simply spritzing hairspray on a sheet of tissue and gently patting them down.” For easy volume, he says that applying a wet volume spray or mousse to a paddle or vent brush does wonders. “Focus on the roots,” he explains, “and brush and blow dry your hair in the opposite direction to which the hair naturally lays.”

How to make your blowout last longer

Allen Ruiz, owner of Jackson Ruiz Salon in Austin, Texas, and Aveda’s Artistic Director, says, “For a longer-lasting blow out, allow the hair to cool down for about 15 minutes before leaving your home or salon. This will balance the temperature between your hair and the environment and decrease your chances of frizz.

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