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Tips for juggling work, school and family

Being a working mom is hard enough. Add in being a student on top of that, and you’re stretched pretty thin. No worries, mama! We’ve got you covered with these tips for balancing it all.

Mother with family

So you want to be Superwoman? Mom, wife, working woman, student — you want to do it all. It is possible to conquer everything on your list, but if you’re not careful, something is bound to slip through the cracks. These tips will help you get everything done, and maybe even have a little time left over.

Set goals

Where do you want to be at the end of this crazy ride? Are you hoping for a big promotion? Trying to start out in a completely new field? Pick up where you left off years ago? Set your goals and figure out exactly what it’ll take to get there.


Your work and school are important, but nothing is as important as your family. Take some time a few days each week to dedicate to your family. Turn off the phone, close your laptop, and be as present as you can. They’ll appreciate these moments even more when they’re few and far between, and so will you!

Be realistic

We know you want to conquer the world, but there are only so many hours of the day. Think about what can realistically fit into your schedule. It might not be possible to work full time, be a full-time student and see your kids in their waking hours. Consider working or going to school part time. It may take a little longer to reach your goals, but you’ll be glad for the breathing room — and so will your family.

Focus on the moment

With everything on your plate, it’s no surprise if your mind is moving at a million miles per minute. You need to stay focused on the task at hand, though, if you’re going to get anything done. Don’t worry about your homework while you’re at the office, and don’t plan your kids’ lunches for tomorrow while you should be studying. Focus all of your attention on what you’re doing. You’ll get it done much faster and leave time for other things that matter.


It really does take a village. You’re going to need everyone behind you to get things done. Talk with your family and let them know exactly what kind of commitment you’re making, as well as what it’s going to mean to them. Work with your spouse to make sure one of you is available to your children at all times, and make sure your children understand why you’re so busy and that it’s only temporary. Consider downloading a family calendar app like Cozi to make sure everyone knows who needs to be where and when.

Make a schedule

Sit down and take a close look at your schedule. Pencil in the items that aren’t flexible, like work, class and commitments with your children. See all those little pockets of time that aren’t filled in? Those are your moments to get things done. Those freebie chunks of time are perfect for studying, doing homework, tackling housework and getting in some one-on-one time with the kiddos. Know when you’re in the middle of a free slot of time, and don’t let a moment go to waste.

The same goes for your employer and your school. Let them know that your schedule is about to get a little more crazy, and find out how flexible everyone can be.

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