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Bedroom accents in the warmest fall hues

This fall, turn your bedroom into an autumn oasis you can enjoy. Feel inspired to make the transformation and style your personal abode for the season.

Warm fall bedroom

Photo credit: Ryan Buterbaugh

If there was ever a room to decorate in your home, it’s your bedroom. Your personal haven of solace, it’s the one room in your home that you can truly call your own. If you have yet to revamp it, what are you waiting for? The time is right now!

The fall season is an enchanting time, when life begins to slow down. The days become shorter and nature provides us with glorious imagery of foliage and natural decor. If you happen to love autumn, introduce it into your bedroom with these fall-inspired hues.

Marigold (yellow)

Marigold (Yellow)

Brighten up your bedroom with a hue that will keep you warm and optimistic. Marigold is a rich yellow that has gold undertones and strong character. It’s a wonderful reminder of the sunny days you may not experience as much once the season begins to change. Go bold with marigold in your bedroom by using it for a wall color, bedding or decorative accents. Pair it with dark gray, warm woods, orange, purple or blue. It truly pairs well with others.



A fresh cross between orange and red, persimmon has been a fall favorite among decorators. Perhaps its spiciness is what makes it so captivating. If you have been looking for a mature yet visually interesting color to add to your interior, persimmon might just be for you. When it comes to introducing other accent colors, the darker the hue, the better. Persimmon in particular looks wonderful with dark purple and blue.



Without question, wine and autumn go hand in hand, as visits to the wine country are a wonderful fall pastime. Bring these memories into your home by introducing a wine-inspired hue. Merlot is sultry, rich and very relaxing. Though dark in tone, this is definitely a warm shade of red to use in your bedroom that will maintain the heat during those cool, fall nights. Have fun with merlot for a paint color, bedding, textiles (for example, window treatments and accent rugs) and anywhere else that needs a jolt of color. Partner merlot with woods around your room — light or dark — and other rich colors like dark purple and gold.

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