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Indie festival survival guide

If you’re readying for a long weekend of concerts, parties and more parties, you’d better be ready to dress the part!

Girl at outdoor concert

Dress the part

When at a festival, chances are you will be doing a ton of walking — but you’ll also always want to be adorable and photo-ready. These Neon Pink Toe Cap Otavi Vellies (, $235) are handcrafted in Namibia from the hides of wild kudu. How wild is that? They’re the modern version of the desert boot and great for all sorts of weather conditions — which, trust me, you’ll encounter.

A little bit Shakespeare, a little bit rock ‘n’ roll, the Festival Headbands (, $12) look totally hippie and free-spirited but will also keep the hair out of your face. (Believe us, it’s a consideration!)

Capture each moment in style with the fabric camera strap cover with hot pink and orange embroidered flowers. (, $14)

When the lights dim, stay warm!

The Studded Beanie (, $21) will make you look cool and untouchable but also will keep your head warm (it gets cold at night when you are rocking outdoors!).

While you are at it, you will want your hands to be warm enough to not numb while holding that beer! Check out this cool Rechargeable Hand Warmer (, $30). It’s small and sleek enough to easily fit into your purse, and packs four hours of digit-thawing power.

Be ready to bling

OK, tattoo tights? A bit alternative hipster circa 1994? Maybe, but they are retro hot and perfect for the festival scene. These Balloon Tattoo Tights (, $14), are super cute. Even better, behold “Mind Game” written inside the word bubble — perfect for the musician sure to get into your head by weekend’s end.

The Aspiga Luna Gold Sandals (, $112) are great for daytime on the beach — and yes, a lot of this season’s music scenes will have you beach swept! Their wide beaded straps scream summer loving — and you are guaranteed to have a little extra sparkle in your step.

Geek-tastic for the win

There are lots of phone accessories that might make your iPhone more like a camera, but the Gizmon iCa Case (, $60) is really the only thing out there that pretty much turns your phone into a camera. A shutter button, viewfinder and lens opening specifically designed to reduce flash all make this so much more than a case.

iPhone accessories from Morphie and Gizmon

When it comes to a weekend long festival, the last thing you need is to worry about your phone dying and losing contact with your friends. Trust me, it’s the most frightening thing that happened to me throughout my whole week at SXSW. The Mophie Juicepack Plus protects your phone and promises to keep it charged so you can be snapping pics and filming your favorite band all day. (, $100)

In order to look great, you have to feel great, and at these festivals staying hydrated is sometimes hard to do because of the heat and humidity at these spots. Bobble is a reusable, fashion-meets-function water bottle that filters as you drink. Whether backstage, onstage or in a mosh pit, bobble has got you covered because it is perfect for on the go.

Stay pretty

If all goes well, there’ll be some spring fling-ing going on at said festival — either with the talent or your date! Best seduction happens when you bring the focus to your pout with Mally Lip Magnifier (, $20). It makes my lips feel so silky and smooth that I sort of want to make out with myself! Not really. A hottie would be better.

Urban Decay Ammo Palette (, $34) is one of my all-time favorites and is back again. You may be in the same place every day, but your look shouldn’t be the same. This palette features UD’s 10 best all-time shadow shades — sultry to smoky. You can’t go wrong!

There can never be enough gold on your face. Especially at after parties. This NARS Soft Touch Shadow Pencil in Corcovado (, $24) will attract all sorts of people, hopefully including the attention of said “person” you want.

Look your best

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