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Demi Lovato chops her hair

Demi Lovato is embracing a new style for spring — a shorter ‘do.

Demi Lovato

Demi Lovato is showing off a new look just in time for spring — and it’s a shorter hairstyle!

“New hair!!!!” she tweeted, along with a photo of the shoulder-grazing style.

We love it! It’s a nice departure from her long extensions and heavily made-up look. Instead, she just looks fresh and pretty.

But, don’t expect her to stay with the look for long.

“I’ve changed it six times this year,” she told Live! With Kelly and Michael last year. “I go to an incredible salon… I’m just happy I still have hair on my head.”

The 19-year-old singer and actress told Allure that it takes a lot of work to keep her hair so healthy.

“I love changing my hair a lot — I think it’s fun,” Lovato said, adding that she spends a lot of time taking care of it. “I really love deep conditioning my hair. I use a Wella hair mask and leave it on for five minutes. And I wait as long as I can before I need to wash my hair. I think that’s the best thing girls can do for their hair because washing it a lot makes your scalp really dry.”

There is one style that she was uncomfortable with, though.

“I did this twist thing on the top of my head, and I was super self-conscious about it at first,” she told Allure of a recent style. “I didn’t know if I liked it or not. But as I wore it longer, I felt more confident. I was a little scared of taking a risk.”

Spoken like a true confident woman!

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