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Charlize Theron: Denim designer?

Charlize Theron is reportedly set to add another line to her resume: fashion designer. Specifically, she’s working on a denim line!

Charlize Theron

Celebrity fashion collections fall into two categories: questionable (see Rihanna for River Island) and amazing (Katie Holmes for Holmes and Yang). Where will Charlize Theron fall on the list with her upcoming denim line?

Wait, Charlize Theron is launching a denim line?

Apparently so. She’s not exactly the first person we’d expect to get into the fashion world, but she and stylist Leslie Fremar are “shopping the idea” for a Theron Denim collection to mass retailers, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

The whole thing is still in the planning stages and looking for investors, according to THR, but Theron’s rep hasn’t confirmed anything.

We don’t know where she’ll get the time, though — especially since she’s busy with her adopted son, Jackson. She might even adopt more.

“I mean, if all my kids could be like Jackson, I’d have 10 more right now,” she told E! News earlier this week.

Well, she will have more time now that she’s decided to ditch her long hair for good.

“It’s so low maintenance,” she said of her cropped style, “and having a kid, you need as much time as you can get.”

One thing we know for sure: We’ll take Theron Denim over yet another celebrity fragrance. Get to work, Charlize!

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