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Beauty column: 3 Steps to a professionally bronzed face

Makeup artist and beauty blogger Caralyn Brook is showing you how to put bronzer on the correct way! Never have another bronzer beauty blip again with her step-by-step tutorial below.

Cara Brooke
Beauty column

How to use bronzer correctly

Makeup artist and beauty blogger Cara Brook of “MaskCara” is showing you how to put bronzer on the correct way! Never have another bronzer beauty blip again with her step-by-step tutorial below.

Bronzer: Before and after

3 Creative reasons to use bronzer


Contour your face

Bronzer can be used to chisel your face and add dimension. It can also make your face look thinner and bring out your cheek bones. Hello model!

Brighten your eyes

Most eye colors contrast beautifully with a little warmth around them. Bronzer makes them stand out and look brighter.

Look younger

As we age, our skin tends to become more and more ashy. Bronzer combats that and breathes life into younger faces on drab days.

3 Most common bronzing mistakes


Too much bronzer around the mouth and brows

Most people have a larger amount of peach fuzz in those areas. Powder clings to those areas and creates a muddy, uneven look. I usually either avoid those areas altogether or just make sure to go extra light in those areas.

Too much shimmer
and glitter

Shimmer can be tricky, and if there is too much in your bronzer, it can emphasize blemishes and fine lines. Shimmer can always dilute the pigment in the bronzer so you will go through product a lot faster as well. Not cool. Try one with just a touch of shimmer or none at all.

Too bronze
as in orange

For fair skin tones, it can be especially difficult to find a bronzer that doesn’t go too warm on the skin. If this is the case for you, try using a powder foundation that is about two shades darker than your skin tone. This will help make you look naturally tan and not orange.

Get bronzed in 3 steps… the right way!

Bronzer: Step by step


Begin with blush

I always layer a cream blush under my bronzer. A natural tan usually has layers of burn beneath it, so layering with blush creates a very natural glowing finish. It also helps from making the bronzer look too dirty.

Dust on

With a big fluffy brush, gently dust on bronzer in a three formation. Starting at the top of your forehead, under your cheekbones and at your jaw. This will create a pretty, sculpted finish.

Blend down

You want to make sure you blend down into your neck. It’s easy to forget because you are looking straight in the mirror, but it’s very apparent from a side view if you haven’t. Always be sure to blend and don’t stop at your chin — keep going down onto your neck!

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