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The perfect updo for rainy day events

If you have an event coming up on a rainy or humid day, don’t fear. This tutorial features a no-worries updo that you won’t have to worry about falling or frizzing for your event.

The perfect updo for rainy day events

Step 1: Curl your ends

If you curl your ends slightly, it will help the “rolling” process that will come next. This updo is messy, so it doesn’t have to be perfect to begin with.

Step 2: Make two ponytails

Part your hair how you would like, or pull it straight back if you like that look. Split your hair into vertical halves to create a larger updo. This way your hair is better spread out over your entire head, creating the look of more hair.

Step 3: Loop and pin

Grab 1-inch sections of hair at a time and pin down the loop. If your hair is short, you can use one pin and one loop per strand. If your hair is long, you may create two loops per piece of hair. Think of how your strands would look in rollers, but without the roller.

Step 4: Repeat all over

This is a messy updo, so if you have some ends that stick out slightly, that is perfectly fine. Try to cross pieces across your head when you are deciding where to pin them. This creates a random and messy ‘do. You can also leave a piece out in the front to frame your face if you don’t like a slicked-back look. Finish off your ‘do with hairspray and you are good to go.

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