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Lacquered love: Lucky St. Patrick’s nail design

Selena DeHart of Pink U Rock nail art blog is lending us her glossy nails for some mani love! Check out her latest nail design and how you can get the same look.

Going gaga for green!

Selena DeHart of Pink U Rock nail art blog is lending us her glossy nails for some mani love! Check out her latest nail design and find out how you can score it yourself!


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It’s already March, which means St. Patrick’s Day is coming up quick! Such a fun holiday, even if all you do to celebrate is get festive with your nails. I’ve done a simple design anyone can try, and it will guarantee that you’ll stay pinch-free this year!

Get the colors

The first thing to do is pick a few coordinating colors for your theme. For this look, I used Sinful Colors Irish Green, Essie Blanc for my middle finger, Zoya Ziv as the base to my ring finger accent nail and Color Club gold glitter over Ziv.

For my shamrock art, I used a green acrylic paint from a craft store, but nail polish will just as easily work. Acrylic paint is very inexpensive, so I like to use it for nail art. That way, I don’t waste as much polish. It’s also good for beginners because if you mess up, it comes right off with water and you can try again.

Get the tools

You will also need a few tools for this look. You need some kind of work space to put a few drops of paint on. I personally use a plastic lid from an old Tupperware container. You can use wax paper, a paper plate or anything to use as a palette.

I also used a medium-sized dotting tool. If you don’t have one, try using the end of a bobby pin or even a toothpick. Those will both do the trick. Lastly, I used a rhinestone accent for the middle of the shamrock. You need some tweezers for placement and some clear coat nail polish.

Get the look

Now, let’s get to the design!

  1. Paint your nails with a base coat and then all of your colors. I’m a big fan of a glitter accent nail, so I usually always incorporate that into my design somehow. I use the gold base so I don’t need a ton of glitter coats. The white nail is the base for the shamrock art. The rest can be green.
  2. The first to design is the accent ring finger nail. This is the easy part. Paint over the gold with a gold glitter polish until you get the desired opacity. I used two coats of the glitter. You can even paint your nails all green and just have a gold accent nail and you still get a cute and festive mani.
  3. Next is the shamrock. I started with the top leaf. Paint two dots side by side just as shown in the photo, and then drag the paint with your tool into a heart shape. Do the same exact thing to the right and left of that top leaf to make three. For the bottom of the shamrock, use a small brush or even the dotting tool to make a quick curved line for the stem.
  4. You can leave it like it is or add some bling. I’m always up for some bling, so I stuck a rhinestone right in the middle by dotting a little top coat on the nail with my dotting tool and sticking the rhinestone right on top.
  5. Wait for your design to dry completely, top it off with some top coat and you have yourself an adorable St. Patrick’s Day mani. Best of luck to you all, and have fun!

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