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April: Fun events to celebrate


Lighten up and celebrate these unique holidays in April. Start new traditions by celebrating with a fun group of friends.

Friends gardening together for Earth Day

Fun holidays

Lighten up and celebrate these unique holidays in April. Start new traditions by celebrating with a fun group of friends.


April Fools’ Day — April 1

This is the perfect day for those with a sense of humor, as it is widely recognized as a day when people play practical jokes on each other. Make sure whoever you are pulling a prank on can take a joke, and make sure you think of something that is sure to trick them.

Find a Rainbow Day — April 3

Find a Rainbow Day is just as simple as it sounds. If it happens to rain in your city, try to find a rainbow. Then take a picture and share it with your friends through Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Rainbows add beauty and hope to an otherwise gloomy day.


No Housework Day — April 7

This is a day to blog about or share on social media; we women want it to become a recognized holiday! Don’t wash the dishes, floors or clothes. Don’t dust, sweep or pick up, either. Leave the chores to other household members for just one day. They will recognize and appreciate how much you do every day by the following day — if the mess doesn’t drive you nuts first.

Pet Owner’s Day — April 18

How about taking the day to celebrate man’s best friend or your favorite feline? Pet Owner’s Day is a day for you to show your appreciation to your furry friends. If the workplace allows you to take your pet to work, then take advantage of that. If not, designate some time to play with your fur-babies and make them feel special.


Humorous Day — April 19

Tell your favorite joke at work or to your friends. Or say something that will simply make others smile or laugh. Laughing eases tension and improves one’s mood — a must for the workplace any day.

Earth Day — April 22

Earth Day is a day marked by worldwide events that increase awareness and appreciation of the Earth’s natural environment. Visit Earth Day for information on how you can help out and raise awareness near you, or have fun planting a garden or tree in your own backyard.


World Penguin Day — April 25

This is a day to find out more about penguins, explore what others have to say about penguins, tell your friends about penguins, send a penguin ecard, play penguin games and share the penguin love. For more information visit World Penguin Day, or go visit some penguins at your local zoo.

Hug a Friend Day — April 26

This should happen every day for most of us, but on this day, seek out as many friends as you can and give them a hug. Giving hugs can reduce stress and provide comfort and security during a difficult time, or it can simply celebrate the love two people have for each other. Go give a hug today for practice.

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