Break out of a hair rut with these easy changes

Are you bored with your hairstyle? Although there’s nothing wrong with knowing what works for you, if you’ve been wearing the same style since you were in high school, it’s about time for a change. Though your tried-and-true ‘do has served you well, it’s time to try something new and exciting. Take some chances — it’s not as scary as it sounds. Here are some suggestions to ease you into change!

Girl with short purple dyed hair


Switch up your part

Changing up your part offers one of the easiest — and quickest — ways to update your look. “If you always part your hair to the left, try a middle part for a more dramatic look,” recommends Rhona Kane, creative director and head stylist at Blowtique Salon. Changing your part is a simple change, but it can completely transform your look. Try a deep side part for an on-trend look that will give your hair extra fullness and body.

Fake a bob

Not quite ready to chop off your locks? Fool everyone into thinking you’ve taken the plunge with a fake bob. Let hair dry naturally so it has a little texture. Then, just tuck sections of hair under, securing at the nape of the neck with a bobby pin. “The secret is to keep hair pinned relatively loosely,” recommends Kane.

Try bangs

Bangs can transform your look drastically. If you’re not quite ready for a full bang, start out with a side-sweeping bang. It’s not as dramatic as a thick, blunt bang, but will seriously update your look. Already rocking bangs? Change ’em up. Try pinning them back behind your hair to open up your face. Or, swipe to the side for a softer look.

Add color

Try experimenting with a little color. A color change can shave years off your face, brighten your complexion and give you a new outlook on life. For a subtle change, add some multi-dimensional highlights and lowlights that frame your face. For a more dramatic look, try the ombre or pastel trend.

Braid it

Braids have been making quite a comeback these days. To update your look and keep bad hair days at bay, try a waterfall braid, a fishtail braid or even a regular old French braid. There are endless styles of braids to choose from. Mix it up to keep your style fresh and current.

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