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How to get bombshell curls

If you long for bombshell curls like the models and actresses you see on TV, then feast your eyes on this how-to guide. We are showing you how to get beautiful, voluminous curls.

How to get bombshell curls

Many of the women on TV with beautiful hair have a team of experts styling them every day. Here is your guide for bombshell curls — for us normal gals without stylists and hair extensions.


Purchase the right tool

We love Sultra. In our guide today, we will be using Sultra’s The Bombshell Cone Rod curling iron. Sultra’s bombshell cone features a no-slip ThermaGrip tapered barrel (so your hair doesn’t constantly slip through the iron like most). It also features revolutionary Kyocera Ceramic Heater Technology that keeps the cone at an evenly proportioned 360 degrees. This technology actually mends hair with infrared rays as you style it, so it is perfect for those of us with damaged/color-treated hair. The clamp-free design is also foolproof for those of us that aren’t professional hairstylists (Sultra, $130).


Wash, dry and spray your ends

Make sure you have freshly washed hair that has been blown dry. After you blow dry, spritz the last three to four inches of your hair with an aerosol hairspray. We like Suave Professionals touchable finish hairspray in extra hold (Target, $3). We also like Garnier’s Sleek and Shine Anti-Humidity Hairspray (Target, $4).


Part hair and spray again

Part your hair and spray where you parted it to tame flyaways. For more of a boho, relaxed look, do a middle part, and for a more formal look, do a side part.


Grab the cone and start wrapping

Grab your bombshell cone and curl 1- to 1-1/2-inch sections of your hair at a time. Simply point the smaller end toward the floor and wrap your hair around the cone starting at the end with the cord and ending at the pointy end. You will notice if you try to do larger sections that it won’t curl well. It will only take two to five seconds for your hair to curl properly in the bombshell cone. (If you want a messier look, leave out the last inch of your hair when wrapping it around the cone.)


Spray again

Once you have curled all of your hair, spray your hair again and allow it to dry. The best part about these curls is that they stay all day, and if they do relax a bit, they turn into beautiful waves.


Run your hands through it

After your hairspray is dry, run your fingers through your ringlets for a more natural look and you are good to go!

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