Discontinued makeup dilemma?

HELP… Why me? My favorite cosmetic has been discontinued! A cry heard from women every single day — especially with lip color.

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Why does this happen every time you run to the cosmetics counter for a refill? Well, there are a lot of reasons. Seasons change and so do colors that are in style, regardless of how popular they are. Formulations can change too. Perhaps “new and improved” ingredients were added to change a formula or certain supplies may no longer be available. Quite often packaging changes occur or the product just isn’t selling that well or is a limited edition. Have you ever gotten a great free gift with a purchase only to go to the counter to buy it and find out it was never put into production?

Keep in mind that certain brands like Chanel, Christian Dior, YSL and even MAC are, in essence, fashion brands. They constantly try to create products with the change of seasons in mind, follow trends, show what’s on the runway from their fashion shows, design limited-edition collaborations, etc. If they feel a particular color or product is not moving or “hot” any longer, they will replace it with another option or color story as the seasons change.

This can be frustrating, especially when you fall in love with a color and know it works with your skin tone, taste and style. Well, what to do?

Find a solution!

There are several options. You can always search the internet for that product, but bear in mind, you may be buying overstock and have no idea about the age of the product. The shelf life of cosmetics isn’t forever and that discontinued perfume you loved 10 years ago may not smell the same or that favorite lipstick may have turned.

You can check with the original company’s customer service to see if they can source the product, have any overstocks or leftover inventory or if there is a replacement. Some companies have even brought back colors after customers voiced their cries.

Why not try custom as an option? Have you ever thought about having your very own product made to your specifications or having a long-lost favorite recreated? Well, you can! There are cosmetic companies that can do just that. And, believe it or not, it’s affordable. Since everyone is unique in coloring, skin type, personality, lifestyle and makeup preferences — and one size does not fit all — custom makeup blended in your exact formulas and colors just might be the perfect answer. Products that are exclusively created for you! What’s better than hearing, “Gee, that is a beautiful lipstick color! Who makes it?” And you can say, “It’s my own personal blend!”

Three Custom Color Specialists can help. Stop searching counter after counter for “something close” to your cherished shades. For over 15 years, Three Custom Color Specialists can reproduce discontinued shades for the lips, cheeks, eyes and face or help you create your own from scratch! All formulas remain in your own personal files for easy re-ordering. You can even search their archives of over 10,000 shades dating back to the 1930s to see if your color has previously been matched or send in a sample from a splash of nail color in a baggie, a piece of fabric, a paint chip, a photo from a magazine or two lip colors blended together to create the ideal shade… anything! Prices start at $60 for a set of two products of the same color and texture.

DIY blends

Want to customize at home? Do you have a drawer full of lipsticks that you can’t use because they are the wrong color? Well you can transform those not-so-great shades into your very own new favorites. Try Transformer Duo by Three Custom Color Specialists. Use it to warm up or cool down your favorite (or not-so-favorite) lip shades! Use the silver/white transformer to “cool down” any color that is too orange or yellow. Use the golden/yellow transformer to “warm up” any color that is too pink or blue. The best tip is to mix the two together to make the perfect neutral Champagne that’s gorgeous on all skin tones.

On another note… Has your favorite fragrance been discontinued? Check out Basenotes, a terrific website and source for anything and everything you need to know about finding or recreating that personal favorite!

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