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How to find the right bra for a small chest

If you’re small busted and have trouble finding the perfect bra, fear no more. We have insider tips for you straight from Lula Lu Petite Lingerie founder Ellen Shing.

Woman shopping for bras

Finding the right bra can be difficult if you are petite up top. Here is Ellen’s advice for finding the right bra and what common mistakes you can avoid.

LovingYou: What common mistakes do women make when it comes to choosing bras?

Ellen Shing: For small-busted women, they often settle for a fit that does not really work for their body type because they cannot find anything else. Also, depending on a woman’s build, a particular cup shape may work better for her than others, but often, bra shopping can be so stressful that women overlook analyzing the cup shape and how it looks on their breasts.

LY: What types of bras work best for petite women?

ES: Most bra styles from T-shirt bras to strapless work just as well for petite women as they do on other women, but petite women need to find bras that are designed for their body type and cup size so these styles fit properly.

LY: What do men seem to like in terms of bras versus what women prefer?

ES: Men are attracted to the lacy, pretty styles that are not as functional for daily wear. Most female customers prefer to purchase T-shirt bras or smooth cup bras that can be worn daily and are more practical.

LY: What type of bra do you find is most popular among petite women?

ES: The demi cup is a popular style for smaller busts and basic T-shirt bras as well.

LY: How can small-busted women make sure their bra fits properly?

ES: First of all, we, of course, recommend measuring to find the correct bra size. Many of our customers are wearing the wrong band size in order to find a cup size that works for them. For example, we have had customers who purchase size 32A but what they really need is a 34AA (because the 32A cup is basically the same as a 34AA cup — it fits but it will be too tight around the band). The reason this commonly occurs is because the 34AA customer cannot locate a 34AA bra so she buys the 32A, which can be found more easily, instead. And, there is also a common misunderstanding that the cup sizes are the same for each band, meaning that a 34AA cup is the same as a 36AA cup. The 36AA cup is bigger than the 34AA cup so it is really important to get the band size down and then figure out the cup.

Gapping, where there is space between the cups and the body, is one of the biggest complaints amongst our customers and indicates that the cups are too big and/or possibly cut too high for the breast type. We have had customers tell us that, after bending over to pick something up, they stand up and find that their shirt is now tucked into the top of their bra!

Even if the bra does not gap but there is space in the cup, we recommend that the customer try a smaller cup size because we also have had many customers complain that the cups will permanently dent over time if they are not filling the cups. We also suggest that customers check that the underwire is not cutting into their underarm area as that would indicate that the style is cut too narrow for their body type. All of the bras fit differently and women are built differently as well, even if they are of the same size.

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