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Wedding day beauty dilemmas solved

We know it’s unthinkable, but if you wake up on your wedding day with an enormous blemish, you’re going to want to have a plan of action. Our real brides share how they fixed their big day beauty disasters.  

Bride getting makeup done


A killer blemish

Skin Concealer

All that wedding stress may make your skin a little (ahem) fragile. “I had a huge pimple, but I forced myself to leave it alone,” recalls real bride Clare. “Thankfully my makeup artist was able to cover it up with some heavy duty concealer!”

It’s (really) tempting, but squeezing a blemish will only make things worse, and it’s much harder for your makeup artist to cover broken skin than a bump. Breathe and be sure to pack a concealer for touch ups.


makeup airbrush

If you’ve been naughty and tanned (UV-style) before your wedding, you may find yourself with a peeling situation come the big day. “On my wedding day, I realized my back was red and peeling,” remembers real bride Elise. “I burst into tears but when I told my makeup artist, she was able to hide it with spray tan.”

Be sure you tell your makeup artist what’s happened before they arrive, as concealing your peel may require a spray tan or airbrush foundation.

Oily hair

Shampoo and conditioner

Wedding stress can have the same effect on your hair as on your skin. “I woke up on the day with oily roots,” says Clare. “Thankfully I’m a huge fan of dry shampoo, so I had some on hand.”

Dry shampoo is a godsend in a hair crisis, as washing your hair on the morning of the wedding may make it too soft to style.

Broken nails

Inail polishf you’ve snagged a nail and ruined your manicure, don’t tear at it. Remove your nail polish, file your nails evenly and get one of your maids to re-apply your polish (remember to have a bottle with you). “Thankfully my mum predicted I might break a nail, so she’d brought a bottle of my nail polish color just in case,” says Elise.

Dry lips

If you wake up with chapped lips (a big risk with a winter wedding), try not to irritate them. Apply some super-moisturizing lip gloss (non-sticky, of course) and stay hydrated. “My wedding day was super windy and my lips were dry before it even started,” says Clare. “I kept them hydrated with lip balm in the morning which helped for the ceremony.”

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