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The rose gold hair trend: Is it here to stay?

Looking to rock a whole new look this spring? Rose gold — a blonde with a touch of pink — is a hot transition from last season’s blonde and a great way to make a statement.

Peter Som Spring 2012 -- Rose gold hair

The rose gold hair color is definitely the latest “it” shade. From blondes to brunettes, there are a variety of ways to rock the shade. This color can work on most people, but before jumping right in, you want to determine the perfect translation of the trend for your locks.

For example, Blake Lively has been rocking a very subtle and buttery rose gold hue. “This look is best for ladies with tanned or olive skin. If you are slightly more adventurous, you can do a brighter tone of rose gold like January Jones, Lauren Conrad or Demi Lovato,” says celebrity hair and makeup artist Julia Papworth.

This color works well on all skin types and can be personalized easily as the placement of the color is entirely up to you. For example, you can have a chunk of rose color in your fringe area or keep it on the bottom of your hair, similar to an ombre look.

What is rose gold?

Louis Viel, Color Director and co-owner of Miano Viel Salon and Spa, says that although a warm tone, rose gold is the “coolest” and most sophisticated trend in hair color. “In my professional opinion, ideally it should be used as a highlight tone to accent practically any shade of blonde. Unlike its ‘older cousin, strawberry blonde,’ rose gold will not appear pink nor will it turn brassy!” says Viel.

Ombre 2.0?

Ian Dorey, Creative Color Director at Ouidad, says if you caught the ombre wave in 2012, it’s time to make a subtle change in 2013 by opting for a more subdued hue. “Fun colors such as pinks and blues in less abrasive, softer tints are a great option — look to rose gold and copper hues as opposed to neon pinks for a funky alternative,” says Dorey.

Know your audience

Hair Expert Rolando Cevallos of Paris Salon in St. James, New York says, “Rose gold hair color is not so new. Stylists have been working locks of hair for a few years now highlighting many heads. But what is important is that not everyone can wear rose gold hair color!”

It takes a certain personality to wear that look. “For example, a gal working in the fashion industry might look up to the minute with some rose gold hair strands, but for the gal who sits behind a corporate desk and thinks she can sport it, I try to discourage them from considering altering her locks. And it takes a certain technique to apply strands of rose gold color to the hair. Too much can make someone look out of sight and out of mind while others can look absolutely gorgeous!”

Sometimes just a few strands can make a head of hair really stand out. An educated hair stylist can advise what’s right for you based on your current hair color and skin tones.

“This can be a great color option for women that tend to stay on the safe side of color because the rose gold color is alternative, but not too funky,” says Claudia Acevedo, Educational Director of Marc Harris salons in Boston. This hue works great on softer brunettes who are looking to brighten up their color and give their look something livelier than your average golden or caramel hues.

Rose gold can also pair well on golden or light blonds who are looking to richen their color as we transition into a new season. The soft reflections of the peachy pink tones and coppery pink hues in this color reflect beautifully on any skin tone. It can really warm up cool skin tones while giving an enhanced healthy glow to those with already warm skin tones.

While you can wear the rose gold color as an all-over base, single process color, we see it most frequently accompanied by Champagne-colored highlights. If you enjoy switching up your color and experimenting with unique shades, a rose gold hair color can allow you to take a more creative route, and foil in fun colors like pastel pink and lavender tones to create a more iridescent color. “It’s truly a versatile hair color and we’ll be seeing a lot more of it both on the streets and runways this season!” says Acevedo.

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