Choosing our mood in times of great unrest

With so much of the world in disarray right now, and the horrible storms that hit the northeast this week, we all could use a little bit of mood brightening.

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And while nothing can erase the horror that we are seeing, can we in fact make the decision to feel better?

We’ve long been proponents of the concept of choosing your day, no matter what terrible events are going on around us. Happiness is an art, and it’s about more than the art of positive thinking. Hues, foods, scents, flavors — they all can alter our mood — and we have the power to choose the place and mood we want to exist in.

We chatted with the creator of Lifetherapy, Lynette Lovelace. This product line, centered around mood-shaping fragrances and lotions, is based along the premise that life, and how we DEAL with life, is entirely based on our moods. The products combine sensory experiences to create mood-enhancing synergy. It’s deliciously delectable — and we couldn’t possibly need this concept more than we do right now.

I chatted with Lovelace about the line — and its messaging — and it goes a long way toward dealing with a lot of what we have going on at hand right now!

perfume bottleLovingYou: When picking out a new fragrance, we all want to find the one that suits us perfectly — how can we determine what that is?

Lovelace: This is so different for everyone. Depending on your mood, I think we are drawn to different smells. Are we in the mood to be “awake” or “calmed down?”

Scent is very personal — often the first thing noticed about a person or the last thing remembered. Certain fragrances provoke nearly a universal response. No one really knows how or why — it makes it all more interesting to me. Fragrance, although invisible to the eye, adds a perceived “color” to our everyday lives. I think people need to play with different scents… see how it makes them feel. Generally when we approach a fragrance for the first time, we have an inner voice that says YES or ABSOLUTELY NOT! Go with your gut, not what is “hot” or “trendy.”

LovingYou: What is YOUR fragrance personality?

Lovelace: I like a fresh/clean scent. Nothing that is too overpowering and a fragrance that can mix and match with my choice of body lotion. I am an over achiever in the hydration area, so lotion is a daily regimen for me. I lean more toward light floral with citrus undertones. I am completely addicted to CHILL.

LovingYou: Do you think we can determine our mood? Can, say, your FLIRT scent — our favorite — make us feel more flirty? (Or more likely to be flirted WITH?)

Lovelace: Well, by definition, MOOD is a state or quality of feeling at a particular time. So perhaps our “feelings” at a certain time can define our mood. I totally think that if we become more aware of our thinking patterns, we can alter our mood. Our thoughts become our reality, so I say, choose some better thoughts.

The names of the Lifetherapy fragrances are meant to create a little mindfulness in engaging the customer. The briefest hint of a particular fragrance (aroma) can quickly take you to a past memory or association. So yes, if you wear Flirt… it just may evoke a little “flirt” in you. Everything is relative, and it’s a way of thinking. Much like color. Color draws out a feeling in you, as does fragrance. It’s different for everyone, but I named each Lifetherapy fragrance to initiate a thought process to help the consumer understand how thoughts can become reality. Dab on a little Vacation, and you’ll surely think of the “beach.”

LovingYou: I ask the above question knowing the message of Lifetherapy IS to choose your mood. We’re so fascinated to learn how you chose which scents would create each mood! Was it determined by what scents you find to make you feel like you are on vacation, etc.?

Lovelace: The brand’s Mission Statement: Lifetherapy — To encourage others to live a more purposeful life.

I launched the (lifestyle) brand in fragrance because scents are very relatable in how they create associations with other things/memories. With that said, I also feel it is our responsibility to choose our mood. I wanted to find a way to relate that to others: the correlation in a thought and then it becoming a reality. So mention Vacation — and you imagine something that might include coconut. Mention Play and you might think bright, and sunny, fresh and citrusy. Escape — Gardenia or Tropical. Make sense? It was an encouragement from me to be aware that our choices make our intentions more purposeful.

LovingYou: We also love your positivity in color bracelets! They too involve color (versus scent) as a way of choosing a mood — do you yourself, believe in your own life, that channeling energy in the right direction can determine the outlook of a situation?

Lovelace: You bet! People are comfortable when color reminds them of similar things. Color in many ways is the land of MOOD. Color works magic by communicating with our emotions. Color inspires, energizes, soothes and enlivens. “Now, add a little fragrance to the color — and you have one sure way to Choose Your Mood.”

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