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Happy Halloween! Learn to face your fears

Have you ever had to make a decision which could potentially change the rest of your life and the simple thought of it made your stomach turn? Take the bull by the horns and learn how to face your fears and change the outlook you have on them. You are completely capable and in control of changing the way your fears rule your day!

Woman writing down fears

Don’t fight your fears… face and embrace them!

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays, so what better issue to discuss than fears? I mean, we all face them, right? As an actress who has worked on quite a few scary movies in my career, I have been faced with fears both on and off screen. In sharing openly and honestly with my lovely LovingYou readers, fear is one of my greatest challenges in life and an issue I commit to working on every day.

I find it fascinating that so many people think they are alone with their fears. I would like to dispel that thought by sharing with you that at some point in our lives, we are all challenged with fears around not being good enough, not being pretty enough, not being talented enough, not being smart enough, not being loved, taking risks, being broke, a failure and maybe even becoming a success!

Many of us drive ourselves batty (Halloween joke!) with the endless chatter in our heads about why we are afraid to live our lives fully and do the things we really want to do. Well, do not fret! Here are some tips to help you channel your fearless inner Lady Gaga and learn to face your fears!

Change your thoughts

In my many years of metaphysical and spiritual studies, I have been repeatedly taught that our thoughts create our feelings. Our minds are really powerful! When we focus on negative thoughts, we start to feel a negative sensation throughout our hearts and bodies. Try it and see! Next time you start to think about your fears and focus on why you cannot or should not do something, change your thoughts, focus and tell yourself all the reasons you can, should and will do it! How do you feel now?

Write it and then R.I.P.

Both personally and as a life coach, I am a big fan of journaling and writing stuff out. I believe it truly helps us to purge our negative feelings and frustrations. Take a piece of paper and write down all your fears and negative feelings around them. Be as brutally honest with yourself as you can be. Remember, no one will see this but you.

As you write them, you can also scream them out loud (Hey, it is Halloween and Scream Queen season!), as it may help you to get rid of them more powerfully. Once you feel that you have released all your fears, tear that piece of paper and those fears to shreds! Get rid of them and let them R.I.P.

Fear equals act anyway

Please allow me to be clear that this is easier said than done. I learned this concept in a power of the mind class many years ago and it stuck with me so strongly that I often use it in my coaching. We all face fears, so instead of fighting them or denying them, why not acknowledge and embrace them? Let’s feel our fears, sit with them for a few moments and then act anyway! In other words, own your fears, smile and like Nike… Just Do It!

Brooke Lewis is a Board Certified Coach who specializes in mentoring teens and adults. She founded Be You and Be Fearless Life Coach in order to help teens and adults build confidence and make powerful choices for themselves. In addition to coaching, Brooke is a contributor for The Huffington Post. Follow her on Twitter.

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