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10 Reasons to love lip balm

We all have our beauty and health secrets, but when it comes to lip balm, the secret is out! The unisex beauty balm can be found anywhere from your boyfriend’s nightstand to your little girl’s play purse. The versatile balm has many benefits. Here are just a few.

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It moisturizes

When those lips are getting a little dry, tired, chapped or cracked, throwing on a hint of lip balm in a variety of scents, flavors, colors and consistencies can instantly soothe. Smooth some lip balm on before you go to bed at night for a deep moisturizing session. In the morning, your lips will thank you!


It softens

Who doesn’t want soft lips? Soft lips that are kissable, supple and healthy looking are just a swipe of lip balm away. Plus, many lip balms come in equally soft scents that match the luxury of your now-velvety pucker.


It relieves discomfort

After a day on the slopes or in the sun, your lips might feel dry, burnt or just uncomfortable. Eating salty foods becomes excruciating! Add extra protection and instantly comfort cracked, bleeding lips with a heavy balm.


It adds healthy color

Want to add a hint of pretty color to your lips without committing to the hyper-pigmented tones of lipstick or lip gloss? A hint of tinted lip balm might be the exact beauty pick-me-up you’re looking for.


It can prevent aging

Look for a lip balm that includes SPF for everyday wear, especially if you spend a lot of time in the sun. Those unsightly lip lines can be prevented if you take the right precautions with SPF.


It’s not sticky

Unlike lip glosses and lipsticks, which can become gritty, goopy or otherwise uncomfortable if you use too much, lip balm never builds up. You get the same smooth texture every time you use it without any side effects that cause discomfort.


So many scents!

There’s a scented lip balm for every sensibility. Want to get into the spirit of the season? Try an apple cider-scented balm. Need to focus extra hard on that test? The essence of peppermint on your lips will help you concentrate.


It’s completely unisex

The man in your life doesn’t have to be afraid your lip color will rub off on his lips when you use lip balm. Even subtly-colored balms will merely give him a healthy, pinkish and totally natural hue. Plus, when his lips get dry, he can go straight to your medicine cabinet!


A no-fuss option

You don’t need to look in the mirror to apply lip balm. There’s no need to worry about the color seeping over your lips and into any cracks you have surrounding your mouth. Simply open, smooth on your lips and go.


Soothing feel

Even if your lips aren’t chapped, the soothing feel of slicking a tube of lip balm across your pout is sort of a mini lip massage in the middle of the day.

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