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Benefits of moisturizing your lips

We all have that handy dandy tube of lip balm lying around, but are you actually using it? Keeping that pucker pretty and durable are just two of the reasons you might want to keep lip balm on your lips at all times, but the benefits of moisturizing your lips are nearly endless. Here are a few benefits that might not have crossed your mind.

Woman with a beautiful smil

Your lipstick will glide on smoother

Taking your makeup off at night can help your makeup appear more even and fresh when you put it back on in the morning. Just as you moisturize your face at night, moisturizing your lips is crucial to having a perfect pout come the a.m. Every night, follow your face-washing routine, then use a cloth or loofah to exfoliate your lips. Follow with a coat of lip balm, then head to bed. The moisture will sink in overnight, which makes the perfect, smooth, soft canvas for whatever color you choose to paint it the next day. Plus, you can even use lip balm under lipstick for an all-day coat of moisture, so you never have to skip color for soft lips.

They’ll appear suppler

The moisturizers and slight sheen of gloss contained in lip balm can turn tired lips vibrant. Dry, thin lips can turn into plump, moisturized lips with a sweep of balm, giving you that perfect movie star pout without a ton of effort. There are plenty of lip glosses that claim to plump your lips, but moisturizing them every day is a great way to ensure you maintain a youthful, supple look without extra products.

lip balmSPF protection

Many lip balms include SPF protection. Even if you don’t normally wear lip balm, smoothing some on before you hit the ski lift or on a hot summer day can protect your lips from chapping and cracking. Plus, SPF has the added benefit of keeping skin looking youthful through the years.

Color me pink!

If your lips are starting to look pale and lifeless, but you’re not ready to make the commitment to the hyper-pigmented tones of lip gloss and lipstick, tinted lip balms are a great alternative. The sheer color looks natural and healthy on all skin tones. Incorporate it into your natural-looking makeup routine, or put it on at the end of the day when your energy levels are dragging for a quick beauty pick-me-up.

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