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Could this be the pillowcase of your dreams?

Is the beauty bedding hype too good to be true? Aloe vera blankets, aromatherapy pillows and seaweed lined mattresses are just some of the products popping up in the beauty bedding category. But as of late, copper-infused pillowcases are making a buzz for their anti-wrinkling properties.

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Copper promotes the growth of collagen and elastin and has long been used in beauty products because of its amazing beauty benefits. Its utilization in makeup and skin creams has proven to reduce fine lines, even skin tone and brighten skin complexion. But will sleeping on fabric laced with copper help reduce the appearance of wrinkles? The Cupron Cosmetic Pillowcase claims to do just that, stating that those who use the pillowcase will observe noticeable results within four weeks of use.

In a study done by the Journal of Cosmic Dermatology, 57 volunteers aged 40-60 were tested in a double-blind experiment to see the effectiveness of the copper laced pillowcases versus regular satin pillowcases. The month long study found that those who used the copper laced pillowcases saw a 10 percent reduction of wrinkles and fine lines.

A 10 percent reduction of wrinkles is relatively significant when you think of how effortless it is to add a copper-infused pillowcase to your beauty routine. So what are the details on this magic pillowcase?

  • It’s the first available use of copper in a textile
  • It is a satin pillowcase with a 270 thread count
  • The fabric stays active for the life of the product
  • Each pillowcase is $50 and can be bought through

Sounds like the type of pillowcase we’ve dreamed about… Maybe now we can give the saying “getting beauty sleep” a literal meaning. Based on the research findings, do you think this product could work for you?

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