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Jellies: They’re back and better than ever!

Your foot’s best friend in the ’80s, jelly sandals are back and are bringing with them that sense of fun and lightheartedness! But before you go slipping your foot into the first jelly you can find, be aware that not all jellies are created equal!

When I think of jelly sandals, my mind automatically flashes back to the elementary school playground, where I wore clear glitter-infused basket weave jelly sandals while playing foursquare with my friends. But those times are in the past, and a whole new world of jellies has opened up!

Jelly wedges

Jelly wedges

Ahh, my favorite way to wear the jelly! So fresh, fun and flirty. Wear them in a super-slick neutral like these Mel apple wedges ($55) to go along with any ensemble, or get them in a bright color complete with a jelly bow on top like these pink bow jelly wedges ($20) seen above!
Jelly slippers

Jelly slippers

This is the classic way to wear your jellies. Get them in the classic basket weave pattern like these Melissa + Jason Wu jelly flats ($105) seen above or opt for a simple thong sandal style like this hot pair from Marc Jacobs ($79). But be cautious: Just because they’re made for adults doesn’t mean you are required to spend a fortune! Yes, established designers like Tory Burch and Vivienne Westwood have all jumped on the jelly train, but there are still plenty of affordable options out there.
Flat jellys

Flat jellies

I like this style if you’re trying to take the jelly look to a more sophisticated level. Try substituting these Blueberry ballerina flats ($44) for your summer sandals to comfortably ease your wardrobe into fall. Substituting jellies this fall in lieu of boots will show that not only are you on trend, but that you like to have a good time too!

What not to wear

Gladiator sandals were hot a few years back, and brands like Givenchy and Dirty Laundry and trying to resurrect them in the jelly form. I say be wary of this jelly! They can bring the wrong kind of attention down to your feet and make your shoes the laughing stock of the office.

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