Fun ways to pair blouses with skirts

When you want to look girly and feminine, picking a dress from your closet might seem like the easier option, but pairing a blouse with a skirt is another fun option to look put-together, ladylike and fun. But which blouses do you pair with which skirts? Here are a few ways to mix up your skirt and shirt wardrobes.

Rooney Mara wearing cropped blouse and skirt

Form fitting on top, loose on bottom

Maybe you have a great, form-fitting printed blouse that’s just aching to get out of the closet. The tight on top, loose on bottom is always a fun, flirty way to go. Reminiscent of ’90s fashion, pull on your blouse, and then add a high waisted A-line skirt on bottom. The length of the skirt is entirely up to you. There are gobs of gorgeous A-line skirts on the market for all age groups and body types. If you’re going to wear a form fitting top, it’s best to have the right bra for the job. To avoid lumps and bumps from an ill-fitting bra, opt for a seamless cup design like Vanity Fair’s Modern Coverage Look Lifted Underwire Bra. The padded cups will give you a boost to fill out that blouse. Plus, this look helps accentuate the tiniest part of your waist, making you look utterly va-va-voom!

Hard and soft

It’s completely possible to look pretty and edgy at the same time. In fact, the two combined achieves one desired look: “sexy.” Mixing an edgy skirt with a pretty, sheer, feminine top is a great way to look like the kind of girl everyone wants to be — smart and sexy with a mind of her own. Pair your favorite band’s T-shirt with a cute floral print skirt, and then complete the look with combat boots or pretty lace flats. The key to this look is thinking outside the box. If you look at two items and think they don’t work together, that’s perfect! The hard and soft style is all about quirkiness and individuality.

Prints on prints

Classic style rules will tell you that only one print is allowed in your outfit, but we’re throwing that book out! Mixing prints is a fun, playful way to mix up your work and weekend wardrobes. It’s less about matching the colors of two prints. Rather, it’s about matching their respective “feels.” Does that pastel floral shirt look great paired with a form fitting striped skirt? Don’t be afraid to mix them. Embrace clashing and rock it.

Show a little belly

Don’t worry. We’re not headed back to the Britney Spears days. We’re talking about the tiniest amount of skin exposure between your top and your high waisted skirt. High-low flowy styles like this skirt from look great paired with crop tops that only expose an inch or so of skin. Even if your tummy is a problem area, you can still rock this look with ease.

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