5 Ways to wear a scarf

Scarves may be a breeze to wear during winter, but in this sizzling summer heat, sometimes you have to get really creative. From chic shawls to cute cover-ups and hippie head wraps, we learned five fashionably fun and utterly unique ways to tie a scarf. What are you waiting for? Get tangled up!

Woman wearing headscarf

Boho headscarf

Fun fact: A headscarf not only looks haute, it protects your hair (and scalp) from sun damage too!

Calling all Nicole Richie lookalikes! Whether you’re headed to a summer music festival or hitting a pool party with the girls, tying a scarf around your head is always a fashionable choice. Dawn Del Russo, style expert and author, gives us the step-by-step tutorial:

  1. With your scarf unfolded, hold both ends and place it on the center of your forehead.
  2. Pull the ends together, and tie the scarf at the back of your neck. At this point, your hair should be underneath the scarf.
  3. Grab your hair and scarf (like a ponytail), and twist them into one bun.
  4. Pin any loose ends, and you’re good to go.

Summery skirt (or swim sarong)

If you’re running low on clothes or simply sick of everything you own, snag your favorite scarf and wear it as a skirt. Dawn Del Russo reveals just how easy it is:

  1. Start with an 18-inch (or wider) scarf, and wrap it around your waist.
  2. Circle around two times.
  3. Tuck the top end of your scarf into the wrapped section, and secure it with a pretty brooch.
  4. Or, for a swim style sarong, double knot the ends at your hip. Voila — all done.

Chic shawl

When the sun goes down and the temperatures cool off, what better way to keep warm than by transforming your scarf into a shawl? Kathy Cronin, VP merchandising manager at Dressbarn, tells us how:

  1. First, grab an oblong scarf.
  2. Drape it flat around your shoulders, and cross the ends.
  3. Loosely tie off the scarf in front (as if it were a sweater).
  4. Leave the ends hanging, and snuggle up.

Retro necktie

Add some decoration to your neck and dress up your personal style with a retro-inspired necktie that’s actually a scarf. Sisters Mindy and Paula Shapiro of personal shopping/styling company, The StyleDuo, dish the deets:

  1. Find a short silk scarf.
  2. Fold it in half on the diagonal.
  3. Tie a simple knot with it around your neck for a retro-chic look.

Bold belt

Looking for a quick way to brighten up any look? Track down your loudest, longest scarf and turn it into a bold belt. The Shapiro sisters share their secret:

  1. First and foremost, find a long scarf.
  2. Pull it through your belt loops.
  3. Now, tie the ends toward one side (instead of at the center button of your pants), and go have some fun!

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