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Beyonce’s famous stage style turned mommy fashion

Beyonce has always been a style chameleon and is now one of the most fashionable moms on the radio waves.

Pre-baby Beyonce


Post-baby Beyonce


Beyonce has always known a few things about fashion — growing up, her mom would make her clothes by hand, and more recently, she and her mom launched their very own fashion line. But Beyonce’s fashionable side has a lot more to do with her icon status than being close to her mom — her fans hang on her every word, and that includes her fashion sense.

But now that she’s a mom herself, how has her fashion changed?

David Zyla, Emmy Award-winning stylist and author of The Color of Style, says it’s changed quite a bit — but it’s nonetheless still rather spectacular. “Beyonce’s style has shifted from theatrical glam to soft and streamlined. She has pushed the flamboyant glamour to the back of her closet and has instead opted for monochromatic jersey in simple shapes, focal point jewelry and softer choices of hairstyles.”

Sarah Collins, associate chair of fashion at Savannah College of Art and Design, agrees. “She wears different trends depending on what she is doing. She is sparkly and revealing in her stage wardrobe and her formal wear continues to be both couture and dramatic.”

When dressing up to go out, Beyonce remains fabulously off the cuff. She favors the Mad Men influence with body hugging dresses that come to the knee and emphasize her hourglass figure.

So what’s Beyonce’s biggest style change since the birth of Blue Ivy? “I think the biggest change in her wardrobe is her day to day wear which is more functional and comfortable post-baby. Her mile high heels have been replaced by flats, loafers and tennis shoes. Beyonce also wears more pants allowing her to be active with Blue Ivy. She still loves prints and color, especially when it comes to pants. Besides her round sunglasses from the Row, her favorite accessory to top off an outfit seems to be Blue Ivy in a baby sling,” says Sarah.

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