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A color guide to colorblocking

Colorblocking has been an ongoing trend for a few seasons now. It’s chic and bold without being too overbearing or odd. Emma Stone, Camilla Belle and Kim Kardashian are among the array of celebs who enjoy this trend. But which colors go with what other colors? Don’t fret, we’re here to help.

Chelsea Kane

Essentially, most colors can go well together given the right shades, textures and accessories. Below are five pairs of colors that go tremendously with each other. You cannot mess up these color pairings. Go and be bold.

Pink and orange

Because both of these colors have the same warm undertones and bright energy, they complement each other flawlessly. Whether you have a wedding to attend or you’re mixing up your bathing suit tops and bottoms, this is a great colorblock combo for showing off your sunny side.

magenta Tibi camisole
BDG super shorties

This magenta Tibi camisole paired with these BDG super shorties from Urban Outfitters is a great way to show off your colorblocking skills.

Light blue and royal blue

Though these two shades are of the same color (blue), the stark contrast between them is a real eye-pleaser. The way they clash is reminiscent of crystal waves crashing in a sparkling sea. If you’ve got a getaway fever, wear these two colors for a beach-esque escape.

aqua and royal blue maxi dress

This aqua and royal blue maxi dress from LuLu*s is the perfect way to show off these nautical colors.

Yellow and mint

Because one of these is a distinct color and the other is a shade, they balance each other out well. They are both airy, light colors that will ease anyone’s tension.

light yellow embroidered top
mint Hudson skinny jeans

Try the pairing of this light yellow embroidered top from Zara with these mint Hudson skinny jeans. You’ll revive your style and feel refreshed.

Green and purple

If you’re looking to indulge in the colorblock trend, then this color pairing is right up your alley. It’s a rich combination of bold, jewel-worthy colors. You’ll demand attention in these two colors and catch envy from onlookers if the job is done right.

Go West top
purple pencil skirt

Live a little in this sexy, bold outfit combo of this Go West top from NastyGal and purple pencil skirt from ASOS.

Coral and teal

Two shades so specific that they need another specific shade to be paired with. Enter, coral and teal. They are juicy and make a splash. Indulge in them. This color combination is flattering on almost any lady. Whether this color combo is worn casual or dressy, it’s a sight for sore eyes.

drapey coral blazer
pleated chiffon hi-low skir

Throw on this drapey coral blazer over a white tee and pair it with this pleated chiffon hi-low skirt by LC Lauren Conrad collection from Kohl’s.

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