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Common makeup mishaps

We’ve all seen them on the red carpet, walking down the street and even in our own mirror – yikes! As a working makeup artist for Three Custom Color Specialists, I have seen it all, and then some!

woman with bad makeup

Let me help you to look your best with some quick tips to make sure you look your absolute finest anytime, anywhere.

Beauty blenderFoundation problems

Everyone needs a little foundation or concealer. The key is getting the perfect match. More than likely the color you wear in the winter is not going to work in the summer. Make sure you have two! You can always blend together as the seasons change. Never go lighter than the skin tone — otherwise you will look ghostly. If you do go a shade darker, be sure to blend. One of my all-time favorite tools is beauty blender. With this terrific sponge, blending and smoothing is a dream — giving a flawless finish to your skin with any coverage foundation. Never rush the application of foundation. Be sure to blend into the hairline and jaw line so there is no line of demarcation.

Stained smile

Working makeup magic requires being up close and personal. Don’t get caught with severe coffee breath before a morning meeting, grimy teeth after a round of cocktails or a stained smile from a longstanding love of soda or tea. That not-so-fresh mouth and those less than perfect pearly whites aren’t at all desirable. One swipe with my newest favorite must-have in my makeup kit is Pearly Wipes by Borracha. They will clean, freshen and protect your teeth, lips and tongue. Drink too much red wine? Try their Wine Wipes too!

Three Custom Color Specialists Clarifier PenciTired glassy eyes

Let’s face it — we all have allergies, puffy eyes, are sleep deprived or all three. One little item, which is a major secret in Hollywood on both male and female stars, is Clarifier. This magic pencil is to be used on the eyes’ waterlines to whiten and brighten the eyes, making them look bigger, brighter and clearer. Try Three Custom Color Specialists Clarifier Pencil, which is designed for the most sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers. Light is for light to medium skin and Medium is for medium to deep skin tones.

Dark vs. light

Lighter than natural skin tone lipstick is definitely on trend and fresh off the runway but can make you look ashen or sickly. If you really want that neutral mouth, instead try a lipstick one shade darker than your natural lip color. It won’t look as severe and you’ll be surprised at how natural it looks when the focus then gets shifted to your eyes! If you choose to use lip liner for definition, always match it as closely as possible to your natural lip color, regardless of what lipstick color you are wearing. Too dark lip liner makes the lips look smaller.

No underlining

That look of just lining the lower lash line with an eye liner has to be put out to pasture. It is not defining the eye… all it’s doing is bringing the eye down. Instead, line the upper lash line with a thin dash or pencil and a good amount of mascara. All the attention should be on the upper lid only! It will open the eyes and make them look bigger. If desired, smudge a bit of pencil on the lower lashes only to shape.

Three Custom Color SpecialistsPowder puffs

I am sure you have all seen celebrities on the red carpet with strange patches of discoloration all over their face. Well, that is powder that hasn’t been set properly and when a flash goes off — look out! Use a translucent powder sparingly. Less really is more. Try a translucent powder like this one from Three Custom Color Specialists which looks good on ALL skin tones. Use a soft, fluffy domed eye shadow brush and blend as needed. If you are going to be in flash photographs, do a few test shots at home in various lighting environments and make sure you do not see the powder!

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Chad Hayduk, co-founder and creative director of the NYC-based indie beauty brand Three Custom Color Specialists, is an expert in makeup artistry and education. As a leader in color analysis, matching and custom blending, Chad lends his precise eye to developing new colors and products designed to meet women’s beauty needs — regardless of age, skin type or tone. Chad’s work has appeared in magazines, film and television, on the runway and in the theater. For more about Three Custom Color Specialists, visit and follow @Chad3c on Twitter.

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