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Learn how to win your battle with the scale


How many of you have allowed the scale to control your day? It doesn’t matter what side of the bed you woke up on — the morning weigh-in can make or break your day. Learn to be victorious in the battle of body image with these tips!

Hesitant woman on scale

Let’s beat the battle of body image and feel beautiful!

As a life coach, you would think I have a handle on my body image and self-esteem issues, but the truth is, I struggle with this and commit to working on it every day. As a voluptuous woman, I have battled those few extra pounds since childhood. I have been scale obsessed since high school and have made it my priority every morning (I mean, we have to weigh ourselves even before our coffee because every ounce counts, right?).

It was not until 30 that I realized how much I was allowing the scale to dictate how worthy I felt about myself each day. It is amazing how self-esteem rises and falls with a three to five pound weight gain or loss! My heart breaks when I think about the negative thoughts and words that have entered my mind about my body. Do the words fat, flabby, ugly, disgusting or loser resonate with any of you? I ask you to be honest with your answer and let’s get committed to ending this negativity!

Choose it

Choose powerfully! It is your choice to stand on that scale and allow the number to dictate your day. Remember, it’s just a stupid number! Right before your morning weigh-in, you can either choose to give your power away to a number or you can say, “I will not allow the number on this scale to define who I am and what I deserve on this lovely day!”

Compliment yourself on three of your best attributes

The moment you step on that scale and feel disappointed with the number, your first instinct is to focus on the negatives. Allow yourself to feel that way. But, the instant you step off that scale, head to a mirror and compliment yourself on three of your best attributes. They can be anything. If you love your eyes, focus on how gorgeous they make you feel! You should focus on those three best attributes every time you feel negative throughout the day. You can change these attributes often, as we know you have many more that deserve to be acknowledged!

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Make a list of women you admire

Make a list of women you admire or aspire to be like. You can list anyone from celebrities to political figures — even Mother Teresa or your mom… it is your list! Next to the names, list all of the qualities you admire about them. You will be moved by their internal qualities and accomplishments! You will also be surprised by how different their body types will be.

For as much emphasis as we put on appearances, this exercise will show you what is truly important and impressive to others! And, know that the incredible qualities you see in these women are simply a mirror of you!

Brooke Lewis is a Board Certified Coach who specializes in mentoring teens and adults. She founded Be You and Be Fearless Life Coach in order to help teens and adults build confidence and make powerful choices for themselves. In addition to coaching, Brooke is a contributor for The Huffington Post. Follow her on Twitter.

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