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What do your shoes say about your personality?

A recent study says that your choice of footwear reveals your personality traits. What do your footwear choices say about you?

Woman with a variety of shoes

We were floored when we read a recent study released by the University of Kansas that revealed our footwear choices say a lot about our personality.

The study asked people to submit photos of the shoes they wear most often, and then random people were surveyed about their thoughts on the personality traits of the people who may wear these shoes.

Interestingly, the observers had a 90 percent accuracy rate of guessing things about the shoe owners just by looking at the photos! Pristine shoes may say you have relationship anxiety, well-worn shoes depict comfort in our relationships, and those who wear combat boots in everyday life — well, we don’t know any and for a good reason — tend to be disagreeable!

We can’t help but find some of the conclusions drawn to be rather obvious — of course the most stylish shoes were worn by those with a higher income. On the love front, men and women who chose to wear more neutral shoe colors (brown, tan, gray, black) generally have more relationship anxiety — they may be insecure about their love being returned — while those who embrace color have more confidence!

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We wonder: What do your shoes say about YOUR personality? Share some links to images of your favorite footwear below!

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