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Beat the heat: Expert tips for summer hair care

Humidity, heat, wind, salt water and chlorine can all take a serious toll on your hair in the summer months. Top hair stylists weigh in with tips on how to keep your hair healthy and shiny all summer long.

Woman with frizz free summer hair

L'Oreal Professionnel Serie Expert Solar Sublime,Shower before a swim

Believe it or not, you should shower right before you hit the beach or pool. Chlorine, salt and natural lake sediment wreak havoc on your hair, so before you take the plunge, Nicholas Penna, Jr., owner and lead stylist of SalonCapri, suggests a pre-wash and condition. Allowing your hair to soak up fresh, filtered water prevents it from absorbing the harmful properties of chlorine and salt. After stepping out of the shower (or from under the hose!), spray in or comb through a leave-in conditioner to further hydrate your locks. Penna recommends L’Oreal Professionnel Serie Expert Solar Sublime, $24 at Amazon.

Another tip from Penna: After a day in the sun and water when you’re showering before bed, don’t rinse out the conditioner. Instead, leave it in and wrap your wet, conditioned hair in a hand towel and fasten with an elastic. Let your hair rehab overnight and absorb all the moisturizing agents of the conditioner.

For an emergency fix, Penna says to use a dryer sheet to smooth hair down. Not only will it take the frizz out, but it will add shine and leave your hair smelling fresh all day!

Fight the frizz

Does the humidity have you frazzled and frizzed? One of our favorite hair care products is Desert Essence Coconut Defrizzer and Heat Protector. Created from a blend of four desert botanicals along with coconut oil, this lightweight spray helps prevent and repair damage to the hair. It hydrates hair and restores healthy shine, eliminating the frizzies and leaving your hair soft and smooth. This spray, which is priced at just under $10, also protects hair against heated styling tools.

The summer humidity can make your hair go frizzy in a matter of minutes if you aren’t prepared. Penna prevents this by using a good moisturizing cream-based product. Put a little dollop of the product in your hands and run your fingers through your hair, spreading the product evenly throughout your locks. This is a great way to tame the frizzies while adding moisture to your hair.

Ouidad Sun Shielld Sun & Sport Leave-in SprayUse sun protection

Just like you protect your skin from the sun, you also need to protect your hair. Look for hair care products with UV protection. We like Ouidad Sun Shield Sun & Sport Leave-in Spray. Priced at $20 at Sephora, it conditions and protects your hair from the sun, wind, salt and chlorine. Be sure to also apply this spray as soon as you get out of the water.

“Once you step out of the ocean, there is an instant feeling of dry, lackluster hair,” says celebrity hairstylist Thomas Dunkin. “Spray Sebastian Professional Halo Mist, a weightless shine spray with UV protection, followed by Sebastian Professional Trilliant for added heat protection and a moisturized, glamorously shiny finish.”

Try homemade conditioner

Just because you can’t get to the salon for a conditioning treatment doesn’t mean you should neglect your hair. A lot of the products you find in your own kitchen can help keep your hair healthy and shiny in the summertime.

Penna suggests the tried and true at-home remedy of olive oil. He recommends taking one tablespoon of household olive oil, rubbing it in the palms of your hands and smoothing it through damp hair. If you want a deep condition, leave the olive oil for an hour or two. If you want a light condition, rinse it out immediately.

Olive oil isn’t the only homemade conditioning treatment, though. Avocado, eggs, honey and yogurt can all hydrate and nourish your hair. Check out these recipes for homemade hair masks.

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