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Are skinny jeans harmful to our health?

We all diet and exercise with the hope of one day owning the perfect pair of skinnies. But are these pieces of fashion elitism more burn than bite?

Woman wearing skinny jeans in pain

What would you go through to fit into your favorite skinny jeans?

Would you put your health at risk? It seems that doctors are warning that skinny jeans can cause permanent nerve damage.

This is a serious matter: Your sexy-but-tight pants can cause meralgia paresthetica! This is a disorder that occurs when a nerve that runs down the outer part of a thigh gets compressed. And it’s serious.

Think you have it? Symptoms of this unpleasant ailment include tingling, numbness and pain, and if you are going Kelly Bundy and wearing high heels with skinny jeans, you may just be making your problem worse — it further accentuates the pressure that’s put on those nerves!

Beauty is pain, and so is, it seems, fashion!

A Medical Daily report shared that skinny jeans have also been linked to other problems, including digestive problems, blood clots, thrush, back pain and more. A term “tight pants syndrome” was even coined to describe the problem. Nasty!

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So, what does this mean to you? Will the news like the report just shared on ABC News change how you style your outfits this summer? Share in the comments below!

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