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What are Alicia Sacramone’s beauty basics?

The London 2012 Summer Olympic Games are coming up super soon. It really takes true commitment and sacrifice to make it to that level of competition. Gymnast Alicia Sacramone is embarking on her Olympic comeback journey, and we had a chance to sit down and ask her some up-close-and-personal beauty questions.

Alicia Sacramone

LovingYou: On a daily basis, you face the stresses of hardcore training, workouts and physical therapy along with the pressure of competing on the world stage. What are some of your gym bag must-haves?

Alicia Sacramone favorite beauty productsSacramone: My gym bag must-haves are Secret Outlast deodorant with 48 hour wetness and odor protection. It’s ideal, especially because I only sweat in my left armpit, and when I’m traveling, the sweating gets a little excessive. So it’s great knowing that I can be odor-free and not worry about a sweat stain on my shirt.

I also carry gum, hair ties, bobby pins, tape and pre-wrap, COVERGIRL LashBlast Mascara, sometimes a leotard and biking shorts and occasionally my running shoes. You also probably wouldn’t expect this, but a lacrosse ball. It’s good for when your muscles are sore, you roll out on it. It’s amazing. It hurts when you’re doing it, but afterwards it’s the best feeling ever.

LovingYou: Do you consider your routine low-maintenance? Are there certain beauty “splurges” you always make time for?

Sacramone: I think every girl goes through a phase when they use too much eyeliner, and I went through that phase when I was a teenager. And now that I’m older, I’m definitely more low-maintenance. I’ll use mascara before I get to the gym or if I’m leaving the gym. That’s the only thing I really do, mascara. Now I may do my hair if I go out. Lately it’s just up in a bun. I think I’m more about enjoying what I’m doing and where I’m going than putting too much time into my appearance.

LovingYou: What about “down time?” With so much going on, how do you unwind and relax?

Sacramone: I’m a big music fan, so I try to make it to concerts, and I enjoy going to the movies. My friends and family are dispersed all over the nation, so I travel a decent amount to try to see them and spend time with them as much as I can. I love fashion so I like to go shopping and I sew, so creating stuff is what keeps me busy. I actually took sewing and technical arts my senior year in high school because I finished all of my core classes, so I just had electives. So I was like a domestic goddess after my senior year. It was fun!

LovingYou: What is your daily diet like? Are there cravings you avoid while training that you indulge in when you can?

Sacramone: It’s nothing too crazy. I try to eliminate most dairy from my diet because it does make me feel better. I perform better and my trainings usually go more smoothly. It definitely has to be a protein based diet to keep up enough energy for my workouts and mixing it up with some carbs, fruits and vegetables. When I’m not in training, my biggest indulgence would be a dessert every now and then when I go out to dinner. Usually I’m not a big dessert eater when I’m training or in competition. I’m a sucker for ice cream even though I eliminate dairy; ice cream and frozen yogurt are my thing. So when I want to indulge, that’s what I go for.

LovingYou: Who is your beauty/style muse? One woman from history — past or present — you aspire to when trying to have your sexy moments?

Sacramone: I’ve decided that lately when I ‘grow up,’ I want to be like Victoria Beckham. I think she is absolutely beautiful. And she has great style. She just has it all together. And she’s a fashion designer! I also like to channel my inner Audrey Hepburn at times, but it doesn’t always come out as classy as she did it. I feel she’s what every woman wants to try to be like. It’s classy; it’s polished; it’s sophisticated and put together and really they’re just fearless and confident. I think it’s ultimately what I try to aim for.

LovingYou: Beauty confession — what’s the one terrible beauty thing you do that you know you shouldn’t do but do anyway in order to save time? (For instance, I flat iron my hair without heat protectant!)

Sacramone: My biggest confession is that I still go to the tanning bed. I know, it’s so bad for you. But I’m in spandex all day and feel I’ve got to have a tan at least for big competitions, and being in the gym long hours all day makes it hard to have a natural one.

In this behind-the-scenes video from a Secret shoot, Alicia speaks to her experiences preparing for the Olympic Games from her fearless comeback to her beauty, lifestyle and training routines, her motivations and what drives her to overcome challenges, and the new Alicia Sacramone app on the Secret Facebook page for fans to share words of encouragement to help her outlast the Olympic trials. What are some of your own life challenges? Maybe you can find encouragement within!

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