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3 Ways to spring clean your beauty routine

Spring cleaning doesn’t have to stop with your living room or bedroom, ladies! In fact, we think it should extend to your beauty routine, and we’re showing you three ways to clean out your current beauty regimen.

Woman wearing makeup in the spring

Be kinder to yourself

You know that constant flat-ironing you do and those pounds of makeup you apply each day? Yep, your body doesn’t like it! As women, we can sometimes be pretty unkind to our bodies in the name of beauty (hello 6-inch stilettos!), but this spring, we’re suggesting you be a tad more kind to yourself. Whether you vow to air dry your hair at least once a week or go makeup-free every Sunday, whatever you do, just make sure you lighten your beauty load a little bit.

Out with the old, in with the new

Seeing as though beauty products are so expensive, it’s no wonder that many women like to pretend they have no expiration date. But the truth is, they do! This spring, it’s time to go through those medicine cabinets and purge anything that’s changed colors or consistency or anything that hasn’t seen the light of day in months. Trust us — if you take our advice, you’ll have cleaner closets and you’ll be using fresher products in no time.

Try something new

We can all get stuck in a beauty rut, but the fun part about beauty is the fact that we can constantly reinvent ourselves with it. If you’ve been feeling a little beauty shy lately, this spring is the perfect time to switch things up a bit. Try a bold new lipstick or go for that daring new hairstyle you’ve been eyeing. Whatever you do, just have fun with it!

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