Is talking to yourself a good thing?

Apr 23, 2012 at 9:00 a.m. ET

Regardless of what anyone says, talking to yourself is not crazy, especially when you do it on purpose.

Woman talking to herself

Life coach and speaker Dr. Larry Markson discusses this concept in his book Talking to Yourself is Not Crazy, discussing how to talk to yourself in such a way that you can end your past "stories" and begin a new life – one of happiness, creativity, prosperity, success and personal fulfillment.

Self-talk is what you think and say about yourself, both in your head and aloud each and every morning of your life and throughout the day. It is a method of helping you to feel good about yourself, to pepper your subconscious mind with thoughts and emotions that you want to embed, so that when the time comes, you can reference and express them with sincerity and conviction.

Change your inner dialog, change your life

Talking to yourself is how a person re-programs themselves to the concepts, visions, attitudes and belief systems that would ultimately change their lives for the better. People who talk to themselves are not crazy. It is how they pepper their minds with positive affirmations, how they write specific goals and plan action steps for their accomplishment, how they spend hours visualizing the outcomes they really want and how they quiet their left brains so their right brains can create a better future.

It's all in your head

The secrets to a deeper spiritual connection, better health, more happiness, personal fulfillment, financial abundance and long-lasting relationships are found in the six inches between your ears.

It's the who, not the do

It's who you are that determines how well what you do works in your life. Success is an inside out proposition. You are the cause and what happens to you is the effect.


Without realizing it, you either build yourself up or put yourself down all the time and, inadvertently, you are actually part of the cause of your own success and self-image. Affirmations are acts of telling your mind exactly what you want. It listens and remembers everything it hears.

Are you ready to start talking to yourself?

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