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5 Ways to spring clean your mind and your attitude

Spring cleaning isn’t just about washing your windows and cleaning out your closet. It’s also about making changes in your relationships, your attitude and other aspects of your life.  

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Read on to learn more about how to spring clean your mind to find peace and happiness.

Get rid of toxic relationships

Just like you need to throw out some stuff from your closet, you need to throw out some people from your life. Don’t let toxic relationships destroy you. If you are hanging on to a boyfriend who doesn’t respect you or friends who bring you down, it’s time to move on. It’s better to be alone (or have just one or two good friends) than to surround yourself with negativity. There’s no excuse for putting up with disrespectful, toxic people.

Let go of resentment

Harboring resentment can damage your peace of mind, as well as your mental and physical health. If someone has wronged you, don’t waste your time and energy being angry or vengeful. Learn to free yourself through the power of forgiveness. Forgiveness doesn’t mean that you let the person back into your life, just that you let go of the resentment and negative feelings that are consuming you.

Slow down

Sometimes we get so caught up with the demands of daily life that we forget how to enjoy it. Slow down a little bit. If you are constantly on-the-go, clear some things off your schedule. You don’t need to attend every event or join every group that interests you. Value time alone and with your family. Set aside some “me time” every day to meditate, veg out in front of the TV or do something that you truly enjoy.


Own up to your issues

If you have had a string of bad relationships, it’s not everyone else’s fault. Stop playing the blame game. Either you are picking the wrong partners or your attitude is getting in the way of your happiness. Take responsibility for your own issues. Changing your attitude will make a world of difference in both your professional and personal relationships.


Sometimes you have to fake it ’til you make it. No matter what is happening in your life, try to put on a happy face and get through it with a positive attitude. Sometimes you’ll find that forcing yourself to smile and laugh will actually help you find more pleasure in the daily grind.

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