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Inside and outside: How inner health affects outward beauty

Kimberly Snyder, celebrity nutritionist, says that “outer beauty is a reflection to inner health,” and she is not joking. What we take into our bodies is a direct manifestation of what the world sees. The key to looking gorgeous on the outside is what you put in the inside.

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Healthy eating

Eating healthy and nutritiously is not only good for your body shape, but for your skin as well. When eating a diet rich in protein, your body is actually fighting the wrinkles that can show up on your face. Excess fats and sugar not only promote fat storage, but early signs of aging as well. Fight crow’s feet with a diet rich in protein, which has been proven to ward off yucky facial creases.

Toxins slow down the body, making you feel lethargic and looking dull. Shun toxins by eating antioxidant rich foods, like fruits and veggies. Guavas, pomegranates and mangoes have the highest antioxidants amongst the fruits, while peppers, kale and spinach top off the vegetable family. Aim for four to six servings a day to give skin and hair a healthy spark.

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Hydration station

Water is nature’s best cure, and the easiest to ingest. It helps keep the body hydrated, keeps your digestive system flowing and your skin looking awesome. Drinking water flushes out toxins and keeps bowel movements regular. With toxins out, you look your best.

Green tea is another one of Mother Nature’s gifts. Not only does it fight cancer, heart disease and diabetes, it also aids in combating those nasty toxins (catching a theme here?). The powerful antioxidants in green tea battle fat, and support healthy nail and skin growth.

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Get moving

When you exercise, you release toxins from your body via your sweat glands. You also promote good circulation when you work out, which increases blood flow to your vital organs. As a result, you have a healthy radiance in your skin and in your mind — because when you work out you feel good, which ultimately makes you look good.

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