3 Ways to deal with the New Year’s resolution blues

It’s already the end of January and you’ve either cheated on or dismissed your New Year’s resolution(s) completely. Don’t worry! We’ve got three ways to get you back on the resolution wagon!

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Be realistic

Was your resolution too hard? Was it something way out of your league like eating 500 calories a day or running 10 miles a day? Either way, there’s always an excuse. But this year, stop making excuses for yourself and get real. Re-evaluate your resolution and then modify it so that it’s realistic and something you can make happen. Maybe it’s no sweets during the week or working out four times a week. Whatever it is, make sure it’s something you know is possible for you to do.

Take baby steps

If you’re not used to working out, then don’t start with a resolution that has you working out every day of the week. Choose a convenient, yet challenging goal and work your way up towards bettering it. If it’s going on a date with your husband once a month, get to your goal, stay at it for a while, and then move it up to a date every two weeks. Starting small is imperative for working your way up.

Reward yourself

If your resolution is something that is completed every week, or every day, or every month, then you should reward yourself for a job well done. For example, if you gave up potato chips and exchanged it for carrots or kale chips and you haven’t cheated, then reward yourself by buying a new top or dress. Don’t do this every day, week or month though because then your bank account will be paying for it instead of your health! If you haven’t yelled at anyone on the road (giving up road rage) since you started your resolution, then reward yourself by taking a cab and getting drinks with your girlfriends.

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