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Valentine’s Day date night beauty

We all want to look our best on the nights of those hot dates — but Valentine’s Day? That’s the hottest night of them all!

Valentine's Day makeup and hair

For soft curls

“For Valentine’s Day, I love soft curls. They are sexy and romantic,” says beauty expert and author of Bonding over Beauty, Erika Katz. If you have straight or wavy hair, wash and blow dry your hair, and make sure it is really dry before setting your hair in hot rollers.

For limp, fine hair, leave in rollers as long as possible. Rollers will smooth the cuticle and give nice body — skip the hair spray though; gummy hair is not sexy!

subtly sexy makeup

“As far as makeup, women think you have to wear red lipstick. Red lipstick is very messy for kissing as is any dark pigmented lipstick,” Katz says. Line your lips with a nude liner, she suggests. Then fill in your lips with the liner. Put a sheer light lipstick or gloss over it.

For eyes, if you plan on a night of love, curl your lashes and use a silicone-based mascara — Trish McEvoy makes a great one. This won’t end up under your eyes at the end of the night.

For sleek straight hair and no flyaways

Ashley Stone of mobile beauty team Beauty Entourage suggests you use a leave-in conditioner to add moisture to the hair and prevent static. Coat your strands once dry with a silicone-based serum.

Blow drying tip: Use a larger round brush to help you dry the hair faster. Make sure you section the hair and blow dry each section. When you get to the top, make a rectangle parting from your forehead towards the back top of your head. Then blow dry vertical sections in the rectangle, which will allow for maximum volume.

Styling tip: Curl larger sections of your hair. The larger sections will give you more of a loose wave in the hair. You can leave down and just add a braid in the front or you can loosely pull off to the side and secure with a hair tie. Take smaller sections of the ponytail, twist loosely and bobby pin at the base leaving your ends out. Continue until everything is pinned.

Result: A cute messy side bun!

Give him the eye

Iralis Stone, also part of the Beauty Entourage team, says it’s all about playing up your eyes for a romantic look. “You want a look that’s an intense eye (smoky) but, soft. Make sure you blend outward to a softer hue. Line your eye with a shadow as opposed to an eye liner. This will also give that softer effect…”

Finish the look with lots of mascara to play up the intensity — preferably black. For a bolder look, you can use false lashes.

Pink is the new red!

You want to find a lipstick or gloss with the hue of pink that best complements your skin tone. For darker skin tones, a deeper pink is ideal. For medium skin tones, a brighter pink looks best and for fair skin, a soft frosted pink. “Always remember if you decide to play up the eyes, then don’t overdo it in the lip department. It’s usually one or the other. Finish the look with a nice rosy cheek,” Stone says.

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