5 Fashion and beauty mistakes that age you

We all want to look young and hot, but sometimes we’re our own worst enemies. If you’re making one of these fashion mistakes, you could be accidentally adding years to your look!

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We chatted with expert fashion stylist Sarah McManus to discover the top five fashion mistakes that age you the most. Avoid these like the plague, lovelies!

Sloppy or big clothes

If you think that hiding behind big clothes will help slim you down, you might actually just be aging yourself. “Wearing clothes that are too big can definitely show age and make one look sloppy,” McManus says. Why? When an item of clothing is too big, it can add weight, which can in turn age you. The solution? Try a more fitted look and you’ll be on your way to looking more age-appropriate!

Too much makeup

You know those women who wear gobs and gobs of makeup every day? Yep, we’ve all run into them. If you think that makeup will help make you look younger, you could be wrong. “Wearing too much makeup can add years to a person’s look,” McManus says. “Try to keep it simple and only wear what you need to cover up.”

If you’re worried about going too light on the makeup, try one statement look — like a bold lipstick or a smoky eye — to emphasize a certain part of your face.

Wrong colors

If you’re constantly wearing the wrong color palette for your skin, you’re missing out on the best that fashion and beauty has to offer, ladies! To truly complement your look and bring out your best features, try to find a color that refreshes your unique features.

Yellow Teeth

Is there anything nastier? Eww! Yellow teeth are a major mistake if you’re hoping to stay youthful, lovelies, so take some preventative measures: “Use a whitener and you’ll look years younger,” McManus says.

The wrong shoes

If you’re wearing the wrong shoes — hello clogs and old flats — you could be doing more damage than just plain old blisters. The wrong shoes can actually add pounds and years to your look, McManus says. The solution? Try a new vibrant colored heel or a fitted wedge boot and the height you add will do wonders for your look!

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