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5 Quick holiday hair tips and tricks

From company Christmas parties to winter galas and everything in between, it’s holiday party season and we have some hot ideas for your hair. With these quick holiday hair tips and tricks, you’ll look party-ready in a flash.

Holiday hairstyle

Braided top knot

If you’re going from the office to a holiday party, you can easily put your hair up in a braided top knot. Start by pulling your hair into a high ponytail. Separate into three sections and braid it. Then, twist the braid into a knot.

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Classic chignon

The chignon can take you from dinner with your boyfriend’s parents to a cocktail party without missing a beat. The classic chignon can be centered, but looks very alluring when placed to one side.

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Sweet side braid

To create a sweet side braid, simply make a low ponytail on one side of your neck, and then braid it. This hairstyle doesn’t have to be done perfectly to look amazing. In fact, if it’s a little messy, it adds to the appeal.

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Haute half-up, half-down ‘do

If an updo is not for you, how about a half-up, half-down holiday hairstyle? Simply pull the front portion of your hair up and away from your face, leaving the long, loose waves in the back. Secure your hair with crystal-encrusted combs, beaded clips or a glamorous headband.

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Sexy waves

No one says you have to wear your hair up to every party or event. Long waves are sexy and beautiful. To get wonderful waves, spritz dry hair with heat-protecting spray, and then separate it into workable sections. Pin up the top layers so you can easily work with the layers underneath.

Using a big barrel curling iron held vertically, wrap a section of the hair around the iron (don’t use the clamp). Wrap from the tip all the way to about two inches from the roots. Hold it for a few seconds and then release the hair. Let it set while you continue to create curls through the bottom layer of your hair. After you are done with the bottom section, unpin the top portion and continue doing the same until all your hair is curled.

When you are finished, gently run your fingers through your hair to loosen the curls into beautiful long waves and spritz all over with holding spray to complete the look.

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