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10 Things you should never wear to your office holiday party

Your company Christmas party is coming up soon and you are stressing out about what to wear. Before going shopping for the perfect outfit, consider which garments to avoid. Check out these 10 things you should never wear to your office holiday party.

Company Christmas party

Sky-high heels

Walking in those sky-high stripper heels is a talent, but it’s a talent that your boss doesn’t need to know about. A pair of glitzy heels is nice for your holiday party, but they don’t need to be too high.

Plunging necklines

Though you want to dress a little more sexy than your standard business suit, an office party isn’t the place for low-cut dresses and tops. Show off your serious cleavage at a night club, not in front of your boss and co-workers.

Skin-tight dress

Make sure that your dress isn’t too tight or too short. When trying on clothes, bend, stretch, reach, turn, sit and stand, looking at yourself in the mirror from all angles. You don’t want to expose too much or have a wardrobe malfunction at your office party.

Sheer top

Sheer garments are trendy right now, but they shouldn’t be worn on inappropriate occasions. If you like the sheer look, find a top that features just sheer sleeves rather than an overall sheer bodice.

Christmas sweater

Your grandma gave you a reindeer sweater last year, but that doesn’t mean you should wear your festive knits to your company Christmas party (or anywhere else). Christmas sweaters should be reserved for children, along with antler headbands and any other over-the-top holiday accessories.

Boring suit

A holiday party is the time you want to loosen up a little bit. If you wear a navy suit to the office every week, it shouldn’t be your go-to outfit for the party too. Instead, buy a cute cocktail dress with a little glitz. You don’t want to wear sequins from head to toe, but there’s nothing wrong with some shine.


Even if your company Christmas party is being held at a casual restaurant, resist the urge to put on your sneakers. Pick out a cute pair of ballet flats instead — they even work with jeans.

Too much makeup

A little extra eyeliner, a bold red lip or some shimmering shadow is perfect for your office party. Just don’t overdo your makeup. Too much makeup looks cheap and tacky, no matter where you are.

Too much jewelry

Like makeup, too much jewelry can look tacky. When it comes to accessorizing, less is more. Pick out one statement piece and flaunt it, keeping the rest of your jewelry non-existent or very understated.

Anything sloppy

A wrinkled top or dress, or anything too casual like yoga pants, isn’t appropriate for your holiday office party. You still want to continue to make a good impression on your boss, even if you see him every day.

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