4 Ways to be thankful this Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving mostly brings thoughts of food and family for all of us, but not many of us actually take the time to truly be thankful for all that we have on this special day. We’ll show you how!

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Give thanks at the Thanksgiving table

It may sound cliché and corny, but going around the Thanksgiving table and talking about what you’re most thankful for is a great way to realize the true meaning of Thanksgiving. Whether you’re grateful for your fab new job or your new love, make sure to express those feelings with the ones you love. Doing so can help bring you all closer.

Send a thank you card… just because

You know those cute Hallmark cards they sell for no reason in particular? Well, people, they make them for a reason. Everyone appreciates an out of the blue card from a friend or family member once in a blue moon. Sending one on Thanksgiving is a great way to truly show your loved ones you’re thankful for them.

Give back

We’re all fortunate in one way or another, and if you feel like you’ve had a year to be especially thankful for, pay it forward. Volunteer at a homeless shelter or an organization close to your heart to show you’re truly thankful for the blessings you received this year.

Bake for the ones you love

Surprising an out-of-town friend or relative with some delicious baked goods for Thanksgiving is a special way to show them you’re thankful to have them in your life. Baking for someone is such a sweet gesture (no pun intended) that they’ll always remember.

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