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Last-minute Halloween outfits

Halloween is almost here. Don’t get stuck with an ordinary outfit or simple costume just because it’s the last minute. You can still buy (or create) a number of unique outfits that will definitely impress. Here are some amazing Halloween costume ideas, from creepy to sexy to fun.


Heavy Red offers a vast collection of gothic clothing and costumes that are ideal for Halloween. For a sexy, dark, alluring look, you can’t beat one of their dresses, corsets or capes. If you just need accessories, they have plenty of hats, hair clips, jewelry, gloves, bags, scarves and more.

Gothic Halloween costume

2Sexy & sweet

Hanky Panky offers a new line of fantasy babydolls that make perfectly sexy Halloween costumes. Choose from Alice in Wonderland, Little Red Riding Hood or the classic French Maid. At under $100 each, they are a fabulous bargain.

Little Red Riding Hood Costume

3Pretty as a princess

Little girls aren’t the only ones that want to be princesses. You can find a number of princess costumes for grown-ups too, so don’t be afraid to dress up as your favorite. This classic Snow White costume is available at for just $33.

Snow White Halloween Costume

4Mommy mummy

A funny twist on the classic mummy costume is the mommy mummy. Wear some high-waisted mom jeans (if you don’t have them in the back of your closet, head to Goodwill). Add a horrible mom sweater, wrap yourself in toilet paper, and carry a soccer ball. You can also put on your Moby wrap and carry your baby (or a baby doll).

Mummy Halloween costume

5Festive & fun

Though it’s not exactly a costume, you can still get into the spirit with a Halloween tee. Kmart offers an assortment of graphic tees especially for Halloween. Slip one on with your favorite pair of jeans, and you’ll be out the door looking adorably festive in no time.

Halloween tee

More last-minute Halloween costume ideas

The costume consultants from Savers provided these ideas for last-minute Halloween costumes.

Nicki Minaj – Go crazy with color! Choose several brightly colored or neon women’s separates, such as a full floral skirt, a paisley patterned top and fluorescent jacket. Then add candy-colored pumps, pink bob wig and prop microphone, and you’ll have everyone’s “heartbeat runnin’ away.”

Zombies – One of the best and easiest costumes to create and personalize is the zombie. Just choose any combination of secondhand clothes that can be ripped. For men, a white dress shirt, slacks and a blazer; for women, a dress or skirt and blouse. You can also go with a theme –- cheerleader, mailman or even bride! Then just add blood and makeup to finish the un-dead look. For a zombie makeup tutorial, visit

Bridesmaids – This year’s blockbuster comedy, Bridesmaids is also a perfect group Halloween costume. Choose one secondhand wedding dress and a variety of gaudy secondhand bridesmaid dresses for your group of friends. Make simple bouquets out of silk flowers to carry along, and be sure to sing Wilson Phillips’ “Hold On” throughout your Halloween festivities!

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