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New film challenges the way women see themselves


The new film Miss Representation is shining a major spotlight on the distorted way women are portrayed in the media and challenging women to realize their true beauty.

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We’re huge beauty gals here at LovingYou. We love our lotions and potions and are huge fashionistas and all, but we’re also big fans of a little movement called Real Beauty. Never heard of it? Well, you should.

As women, media professionals and media consumers, we’re always aware of how women are portrayed in our society, and sometimes we can’t help but feel a little inadequate when we see a little skinny minny on the cover of a magazine or a seemingly flawless face on the big screen. Now we know no woman is perfect, and we realized that a long time ago, but many women struggle with insecurity and poor image in our society. And when you consider the way our media portrays women, it’s really no big surprise.

So when we saw this video recently, we were so pleasantly surprised to hear of a little movement and film called Miss Representation. The film is highlighting the serious distortion of women in our society and offering a call-to-action for women to accept their inner beauty and realize their potential. When we watched the video, we literally had goose bumps and we felt so inspired that we just had to share it with you!

Besides seeking to empower women, Miss Representation is also seeking to eradicate gender stereotypes and create some serious social change. Because after all, like the movement states, American youth are being taught from an early age that women and girls’ value “lies in their youth, beauty and sexuality.”

Since we were so moved by the movement (pardon the pun!), we decided to share some top tips for gaining strong self-esteem in a media-crazy world. Check them out, ladies, and check out this film, it really is an eye-opening one.

  1. Be media savvy. Taking everything you see on TV or in the movies literally is a dangerous way to live your life. Realizing that the way women are represented on TV or in the movies isn’t necessarily the way it should be is an important step towards critiquing the way things are run in our society.
  2. Stop comparing yourself to everyone else. The minute you realize that you are not, and never will be, like everyone else, is the moment you’ll start to improve your self-esteem. We know that it’s hard to watch Gossip Girl or The Vampire Diaries without comparing yourself to these gorgeous actresses, but realizing that these women have their own flaws (covered up by loads of makeup and great lighting, of course) is always a great way to look at things.
  3. Love yourself. Yeah yeah, we know, that’s easier said than done. But once you realize that you’re an individual and you’re amazing the way you are, you’ll be better able to forget what society expects of you. Stop critiquing things about yourself that you think society would disapprove of, and start loving yourself for the fantastic lady you are!

Watch the trailer: Miss Representation

Miss Representation premieres October 20th at 9 pm ET/PT, followed by an hour-long special hosted by Rosie O’Donnell. Watch the trailer here:

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