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How to look sexy all the time

Looking sexy is not all about skimpy outfits or heavy makeup. Sexiness can be subtle yet alluring. With these helpful hints, you can look sexy all the time.

Sexy brunette

Get the perfect pout

Luscious lips are definitely sexy, but don’t just goop on the gloss. For daytime, wear matte lipstick in a peachy-pink and top it off with just a touch of transparent gloss. To get your lipstick to last all day, fill in your lips completely with lip liner to create a base, and then apply your lipstick with a lip brush for complete coverage. Add a small dab of gloss in the center of your bottom lip and smack your lips together to spread the shine. For a special night out, intensify the color with lipstick in a rich wine shade.

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Add a splash of red

Whether you’re wearing a business suit, a little black dress or jeans and a T-shirt, you can add some sex appeal to your look with a splash of red. Of course, you don’t need to dress in red from head to toe, but a red belt, handbag or jewelry can make a world of difference. Red is the color of love, and you’ll find yourself feeling confident when wearing it — even in small doses.

Flaunt your assets

You want to look sexy, not sleazy. You don’t need to wear a neckline down to your belly button and a skirt that barely covers your rear end, but it’s perfectly fine to show off your assets — just leave something to the imagination. A skirt with a slit or a one-shoulder dress are pieces that look sexy, not desperate.

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Wear sexy panties

You’ll feel sexy no matter what you’re wearing if you put on the right undergarments. Stock up on lacy, sexy panties and bras and wear them every day. You’ll be surprised at how sexy and confident you’ll feel, even at the office.

Make eye contact

When flirting, you want to make plenty of eye contact. Tilt your head slightly away from the man and look at him out of the corners of your eyes — this is very sexy. When you are talking with another person, your eyes should be focused on him about 75 percent of the time, breaking away and looking elsewhere the rest of the time. When you are the listener, look into his eyes about 95 percent of the time he’s speaking. Also, don’t forget to smile. A smile is one of the sexiest things you can put on.

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