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4 Fashionable Halloween-inspired treats

We may be grown women, but that doesn’t mean we’re too old to enjoy Halloween from a fashion standpoint! We’ve got four fashionable (and age-appropriate) and festive items to help you get in the holiday spirit. Check them out!

1mysterious mask

Mysterious masks are always one of the most fun parts of Halloween, and we’re digging these Eco-friendly ones from Urban Lace ($50, Made from recycled bicycle inner tubes, these beauties are both chic and sensible.

Halloween Mask

3Topshop Country Bumpkin Nail polish

We’re certainly not going door to door asking for candy now that we’re all grown up, but we are going from store to store in search of the cutest Halloween beauty and fashion items. And this seasonal nail polish ($10, from Topshop is at the top of our wish list. We’ve fallen for the shade of the lacquer and also the name… really, ladies, with a name like Country Bumpkin, how could we not fall in love?

Topshop Nail Polish for Halloween

3Trick or treat lip gloss set

Every fashionista knows that lip gloss is her number one (ok, so maybe number two, after mascara) weapon and we’re loving this delicious lip gloss set from philosophy ($18, The two festive flavors (crispy marshmallow bars and caramel apple) are delicious and the packaging brings back childhood memories of pumpkins and spooky Halloween nights.

Philosophy Trick or Treat Set

4spooky jeweled handbag

Ok, so this one is a major splurge ($7,200,, but we still think it’s pretty fun eye candy to look at! The intricate design reminds us of a piece of costume jewelry you’d find on one of the classic Halloween movies, and just looking at this baby gets us excited for Halloween.

Jeweled handbag

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